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ES FAUCET -A Multi-crypto faucet and The Best faucet out their.

By Vijay Kumar Yalavarthi | DEfi blog | 25 Oct 2020

Today I am going to review a faucet website called ES faucet.

Most faucets will allow you to claim once in a while. ES FAUCET is  different, with ES FAUCET , you may decide how often you would like to claim*. With every minute, every hour that passes, your claimable crypto amount fills up in ES faucet. The initial increase being a lot faster and then slowing down over time until you make a claim.

Daily Bonus, and an extra bonus for Collecting ES COIN! * Minimum 30 minutes between claims per account/IP address

Quick payout, 12+coins, and always eager to add new user favorite coins have allowed them to be the favorite of many users ...

The User Interface

Euryalos Studios made it so easy to claim your favourite cryptos by providing stable mobile apps for Android & iOS devices, available only on their official website ( or you may decide to use the website directly, your experience isn't hindered either way. The image below is a snapshot of the app/website faucet's features, with more goodies such as Mining, Offers, Special Offers & Bonuses hidden under those Menu options.

To keep this article short & concise, I will give a simple breakdown of some features:
  • — You earn by claiming in the faucets, watching ads, completing offers & surveys and carrying out the simple special offers by ES or by mining!
  • — The Dashboard is like a homepage where you can see all your asset's balances and manage them.
  • — The Stats tab shows you your statistics for the week in a clean bar-graph format.
  • — Under My Account, you have Profile, Membership, Referral, Withdraw & Transactions.
  • — In Mobile Applications, you can download individual applications for each faucet/cryptocoin.
  • — There's also the Poll section, where users can cast their votes for the next feature to be added in the faucet. Awesome!
  • —Then my favourite part of the website/faucet is the Exchange feature (Knock.. Knock. No, I'm not referring to Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, Bitstamp or any of the Online Cryptocurrency Exchanges where trading is done). You can exchange one cryptocurrency for another in-app with the speed of light, free.

How is this feature handy? For example, let's say I had claimed Ethereum and Litecoin all through the day, I can decide to exchange both for/and get my sweet Bitcoin Cash; or if I'm very interested in earning a particular cryptocoin, I can claim consistently from all the individual faucets and at the end of the day, exchange all of them for only that particular cryptocoin I'm interested in. Awesome!

And lest I forget, your Withdrawal is smooth and hitch free. You may withdraw to your Coinbase account for FREE , Faucetpay account or directly to your wallet.

That's it... ES Faucet: The Crypto-Faucet with a Difference.

SO, Don't miss out and join with the link down below to get your signing bonuses



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