The Brief Horror of a Digital Apocalypse

By dragon852 | DeFi Bitesize | 18 Mar 2022

This morning when I attempted to log in my Gmail account, I simply couldn't. I tried typing my password again. Nothing. I tried typing an old password. Nothing. Maybe it's a variation of that old password? No.

I tried to brute force my own Gmail account using my own passwords. Negative.

It wasn't long until a security captcha came up. They have those skewed squiggly crooked characters commonly seen on terrifying tattoos.

What could be wrong? Is the computer hacked? What have I done?

After a short while, I found out why.

Accidentally pressing Shift+space on a Hong Kong computer which is set with the Chinese input method won't do any spaceshifting magic. It lets you input fullwidth ABC.

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