Student Coin preparing for BIG move?

By Feedmypsyche | DeepFCrypto | 2 Sep 2021

The market has been booming as of late. We are seeing all-time highs in certain projects and BTC is getting closer and closer to surpassing that psychological barrier of $50k.


Student Coin on the other hand seems to still remain in a down-trend despite this recent bull run. Some might say that this means that the project is dying out, others might see this as an opportunity, as they know that STC will AT LEAST go back to its launchpad launch price at around $0.03c. 

There is a massive falling wedge forming on STC. If this breaks upwards it would make STC Bullish again as it would go above the moving averages and start gaining momentum. 


The team has also posted some updates recently, which could potentially indicate when a decent pump might be bound to arrive. 

STC Update #2!

Dear Investors,

As promised, we present you our second update to round up our work week.

📈 STC Terminal will be ready in November. In the nearest future, you can expect a video from our core team explaining the main functions of the Terminal.

📈 Listings: we’ve started negotiations with one of the Top 10 exchanges.

✅ Tech: our Tech Team is now mainly focused on the Terminal, deposit’s system (for both STC wallet and STC Exchange) and upgrading our back-end. At the same time, we’ve been able to improve the stability and security of our wallet and website. This week, we’ve also expanded our Tech Team by two new programmers.

✅ CoinPaper: finishing the main designs, setting strategy and started the recruitment process of the CoinPaper’s team. Official launch will take place in Q4 of 2021.

✅ Lean Management: preparing for Launchpad (which will take place on September 27th). During the Lean ICO, Student Coin will be the only method of payment.

✅ CoinTiger: solving the remaining issues with withdrawals.

📱 Today, we’ve started brand refresh – the first step is changing the logo on our website and social media.

We are not slowing down and can’t wait for the upcoming months!🚀

The next STC Update will be announced on Monday, 13th of September. Thank you!


Remember, this is not financial advice and just my personal opinion. However, if you're interested in knowing what I am doing. I have recently bought even more STC to dollar-cost-average my investment as I think a 3-5x potential is indeed very possible and could happen very soon. 

I' also trying to benefit from buying SMT, which is the Student Marketing Token. I believe that the price of this token could skyrocket faster than STC since it will serve as the fuel of the platform. Once the STC Terminal and STC Exchange are fully functional, who knows how this might influence the price of SMT and STC. 

You can still buy SMT in its' Launchpad HERE to get a discounted price!

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