Student Coin listing on KuCoin Tomorrow!

Student Coin listing on KuCoin Tomorrow!

By Feedmypsyche | DeepFCrypto | 11 May 2021



Student Coin will be listed on KuCoin! 📢🔥‼️



📆 LISTING DATE: MAY 12, 2021 - 11:00 UTC 🕑  


KuCoin is the top 5 global exchange on CoinMarketCap. 🚀   It's a simple and safe platform with over 600 trading pairs and over 300 different cryptocurrencies. KuCoin is also known for adding coins that have just completed their ICOs, like Student Coin! 📈   The Launchpad success emphasised the importance of the project and gave us a higher sense of responsibility and desire to develop Student Coin to its fullest potential. 🔝   We feel obligated not only to keep the price stable after the Launchpad ICO. Above all, we want to ensure that our products are innovative, reliable and accessible to the widest possible audience. 🌍 That's why we've been working especially hard on new listings over the past few months and this listing on KuCoin opens up new opportunities. 🔜🌑 We can assure you that more is yet to come. 🔥  


KUCOIN OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:   8df47106ab409b5fe6ab0f4de6a5e528820c5d1fc5085e9a7925f34e99a8a248.png

Student Coin Staking Update

  STC recently launched Staking on their Launchpad wallet.    There are 2.09 BILLION STC STAKED right now. The circulating supply is 2.1 Billion.    There are 8 Billion coins left to be released for exchanges but the interest in staking has been phenomenal and almost unheard of in the crypto space! e87bb32f38cf5d692c5aec11a0a42e9db628ee58ee9408c627ac704641d5e36e.png   If don't have kucoin but would like to prepare an account before STC launches on Kucoin tomorrow you can do so by registering HERE  

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