STC Voting Launched! New Exchanges Announced

By Feedmypsyche | DeepFCrypto | 18 Apr 2021

This is something I'm really excited for. 

One of the reasons why I liked STC was that they are implementing a voting platform.

You can have an influence on the next steps STC takes!

This is completely free for people who have an STC wallet and your vote is worth the amount of STC you're holding. If you're holding 1000 STC then your vote is adding 1000 STC to the results!

This is an awesome initiative with many more exciting voting to come!


Right now, the first STC Voting involves the Major Exchange Listing 1

STC Users have around 3 days left to vote on whether STC Should be listed first on Exchange or HitBTC. This is already confirming that STC will be launched on multiple top 100 Exchanges VERY SOON!

Get voting! Don't forget to rate the App on IOS/Google Play Store!


If you haven't bought STC yet you can still do so HERE (5% bonus included)

Remember there are less than two weeks left for the launchpad!

You can Join Student Coin Subreddit HERE

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