Everything you NEED to know about Torum! #Metaverse #SocialFi

Everything you NEED to know about Torum! #Metaverse #SocialFi

By Feedmypsyche | DeepFCrypto | 25 Nov 2021

Metaverse Projects have taken the crypto market by the bull's horns and have been pumping for the last couple of weeks.


We've seen projects like SAND, GALA, MANA, and blockchain games pump even when the whole market was down. You think that it's not worth FOMOing into these projects, only to see them pump 100% the next day. I feel you, BUT there's hope!

Introducing - Torum 

Torum is a revolutionary SocialFi Metaverse ecosystem designed to connect worldwide cryptocurrency users. 

I won't bore you with long paragraphs of information as I know that most of you will probably ignore them so I'm making a list to summarize Torum's project :)


What is Torum?

- A Social Media Platform focused for (but not only) the crypto community with over 170k users (as of today's date 25/11/21)

- Torum rewards its users for participating in the community with its native token XTM ( Currently trading at $1.77 after peaking at $2.48 last week)


How is it different than Facebook, Twitter etc?

- Torum is a SocialFI project. It is not simply a platform for posting and shilling. It offers different features such as Torum Finance - A sector which allows users to stake their XTM to earn over 300% APY in rewards ( Much more features to be enabled in the future including NFT staking among others)

- Torum is building stepping stones towards building a Decentralized Metaverse! It has just recently Launched its Avatar NFTs which will have a strong utility and demand in the future. Torum is planning on releasing an MMORPG game next year where users can use their Avatar NFTs to enter the metaverse! PS There are still some Genesis Avatar NFTs available @ https://avatar.torum.com/

- Torum is a great place for NFT giveaways and Airdrops - I personally have never seen so many giveaways happening on a daily basis from the community itself !

What is yet to come for Torum?

Too much to list all the upcoming features here but I'll do my best to mention the Major updates

- Apps to be launched on Android and IOS THIS DECEMBER. One can only imagine how many users will join the platform when this is released. 

- Torumgram - A messenger app similar to telegram but based specifically for Torum Landers. 

- Lounge - A Voice communication app similair to Discord based specifically for Torum Landers

- More NFTs and Finance options - It is certain that more NFTs will be launched after the Genesis Avatars are sold out. This will also come with more Finance options in the future, possibly NFT Staking!

- NFT Marketplace : Torum's NFTs will be ready to trade and sell as soon as this launches!

- MMORPG Metaverse Launch - Projected for Mid-Late 2022 more info to follow 

What is yet to come for Torum's XTM

- XTM launched at $0.06 and has pumped all the way up to $1.77 and above due to the recent news that KuCoin Labs has invested in Torum and consequently listed XTM on KuCoin Exchange!

- Similar to KuCoin, Huobi has also invested in XTM and is yet to launch XTM on its exchange! The community is expected a massive boost in price once this listing happens which could be any day now!




This project is very promising, to say the least. The attention it is gaining right now is fully deserved as the team is super-dedicated and works day and night to make this the best Decentralized SocialFi project. In fact, Torum has ranked #11 on the top 15 Projects with Highest Social Signal on the BSC Network!



Hopefully, this article has given you a good overview to Torum and its scalability potential!

You can buy Torum on  KuCoin, Pancakeswap, Uniswap, Hotbit, xt.com, DODO and BKEX

Be Careful of Scams! The Contract Addresses for Torum are as follows

XTM (ERC-20): 0xcd1faff6e578fa5cac469d2418c95671ba1a62fe
XTM (Polygon): 0xe1c42be9699ff4e11674819c1885d43bd92e9d15
XTM (BEP-20): 0xcd1faff6e578fa5cac469d2418c95671ba1a62fe

If you want to Join Torum to interact with the community and become a Lander you Can register HERE to earn 7.5 XTM with my referral link! Feel free to PM me on Torum if you join ! :) 

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