Gods of History

The Truest Story I Know

By MMAPMagazine | Deeper Meaning Poetry | 20 Jul 2020


Most of the time we walk in a trance like state

Wondering what topics are worth a debate

Picking ever battle with great care

As there is no one sitting in the opposition’s chair


See the conflict is with ourselves, not another

Not a King, a Queen, or Deity to bother

Not a Mother, Father, a Sister, or Brother


The subject is our dogma; so called system of belief

This is a battle within and it hasn’t been brief


We’ve been told to have faith and just let it be

To ”live and let live” and forget about conspiracy

However, faith is part of a counterfeit; a manmade control

One set in place, in order to disconnect us from our soul


It’s a guided missile of sorts

There to keep us from remembering, we’re elements of Source

Connected on a higher plane, where there is no fiction

Not like here and now trapped in our own afflictions


We cannot see our power in the light of day

It is only in our dreams of night, are we able to find the way

So we sleep often, as much as we can

Seeking stillness in dream realms where harmony stands


Only there can we leap from door to door and open the portals

Positioned completely outside ourselves, much closer to the immortal

Opening locations closed by our human mind

Conditioned to believe in spaces, consisting of the fabric of time


The funny thing is, time doesn’t exist, and in a bigger twist

Neither does a God, unless We Are It


by: Michaelson Williams


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Deeper Meaning Poetry
Deeper Meaning Poetry

This is a collection of poetry by Michaelson Williams meant to deliver a deeper meaning and invoke thoughts from the Universal conscious self. So many times we are mentally trapped in a reality that is shifted by others. This poetry is meant to be a gift to the unconscious mind and a release for the conscious mind. I hope you enjoy my work.

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