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Fundamentals Of The Journey

Ask questions on success and you will seek the answers.

Seek answers and you will find truth.

Find truth and you will discover achievement.

Discovering achievement brings about the knowledge that success and True Success are fundamentally divergent, and The Journey Begins Again.

By: Michaelson Williams

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MMAP magazine is a publication that is focused on helping entrepreneurs and other create our brand of "True Success". We do this by producing positive content in a quarterly magazine geared towards creating and cultivating a mindset of success.

Deeper Meaning Poetry
Deeper Meaning Poetry

This is a collection of poetry by Michaelson Williams meant to deliver a deeper meaning and invoke thoughts from the Universal conscious self. So many times we are mentally trapped in a reality that is shifted by others. This poetry is meant to be a gift to the unconscious mind and a release for the conscious mind. I hope you enjoy my work.

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