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Deep Dives into the most promising Blockchain and cryptocurrency projects.

How CarVertical Is Trying To Defraud The Automotive Sector

5 Jul 2020 8 minute read 0 comments Cryptodeepdive

CarVertical Buying a second-hand car is rated as one of the scariest things consumers have to do, being rated somewhere down the line with going to the dentist. The thought of buying a car, often the second biggest purchase after a house, creates tho...

Tokenizing Real Estate with RealT

14 Jun 2020 11 minute read 23 comments Cryptodeepdive

  Tokenizing Real Estate The Real Estate industry has been set in its ways and functioning in the same manner for centuries. In essence, we can compare the present-day system with landlords in medieval times. Where peasants used to have to work the...

A look into the current decentralized video platform landscape

9 Jun 2020 12 minute read 4 comments Cryptodeepdive

  Means of communicating have always been able to influence the way people think and behave. From the Acta Durna in ancient Roman times to radio, television, and, in this era, watching and streaming videos on your laptop or phone. The things that you...

Revolutionizing the Social Media Era: Steemit

21 Apr 2020 15 minute read 7 comments Cryptodeepdive

The research done for writing this article, and the writing of the article itself was during the acquisition of Steemit by Tron. Although it does make the future less secure, meaning that Steemit can both enjoy accelerated growth due to extra funds m...

The new attention economy created by the Brave Browser and Basic Attention Token

6 Feb 2020 9 minute read 6 comments Cryptodeepdive

Most people will agree that the invention of the internet has been a net positive for the human race. Both the convenience it brings to our lives, and the availability and diversity of knowledge and websites available are astounding. Whatever you nee...

THETA: The future of video content delivery

19 Jan 2020 11 minute read 30 comments Cryptodeepdive

The days of only being able to watch whatever is programmed onto one of the mere three available tv-stations have been reduced to a thing of the past. While commercial broadcasters are spinning their heads trying to figure out how to hold onto whatev...

How Enjin is leveling up the gaming industry

5 Jan 2020 12 minute read 8 comments Cryptodeepdive

The gaming industry has always been filled with creative individuals, overall highly skilled and often with a great vision to create new worlds, ideas, and concepts. From the Pong days to the early PC and console era, and now the global online games,...

How IOTA empowers the next automotive industrial revolution

14 Dec 2019 8 minute read 5 comments Cryptodeepdive

How IOTA empowers the next automotive industrial revolution The automotive industry is facing monumental challenges in the coming years, and IOTA is busy solving some of these problems by becoming the bridge between blockchain technology and the auto...

Blockchain & Gaming

8 Dec 2019 9 minute read 8 comments Cryptodeepdive

  New technologies have been able to find themselves into the world of gaming an astonishing amount of times. Although initially used in a very specific niche, interestingly often for war efforts, technologies regularly find a second use case in the...

Digishares: Interview with CEO Claus Skaaning

1 Dec 2019 10 minute read 5 comments Cryptodeepdive

The real estate industry is on the brink of evolving into a more liquid, global and transparent sector. As mentioned in our article about Real Estate, blockchain technology will be able to enhance multiple facets, ranging from faster transactio...