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Hello World! My name is Liquid-Mike and ive been blogging on Publish0x. If you are reading this you probably blog here too! 

You have been earning HYDRO, BOUNTY0x And DAI. But do you know anything about these 3 cryptos? The Following is a deep dive into HYDRO: Which is a HUGE project and deserves a whole entire investigative blog. Take your shoes off and grab some popcorn. We are going deep.


Here we are at official Project Hydro's official site I was a bit confused already at this first blurb until I researched what "unbanked"was. Unbanked people are adults who do not have their own bank accounts and generally pay for services with cash or money orders. There seems to be a mad scramble to onboard these people into Bank services. Many are speculating that crypto projects may solve the Unbanked Population "problem."

There's few other definitions we should cover so people don't get completely lost. After all HYDRO is a crypto we are all blogging for: We should learn what the project is about because A. The project is interesting and goes well beyond just a crypto and B. If you study Project Hydro it could help predict if the crypto valuates.

P2P payments: Peer to peer {P2P} payments are transations between two people using banking accounts or credit cards through an online or mobile app.

B2B payments: Business to Business payments.

Point of Sale: The point of sale is when a retail transaction is completed.

Remittance: When a sum of money is sent {usually over seas.}

ERC-1484 Identity Standard: "A protocol for aggregating digital identity information that's broadly interoperable with existing, proposed, and hypothetical future digital identity standards."-


Hydro raindrop is cutting edge cryptographic protection. "The Hydro app built by Hydrogen vastly improves both of the current 2FA security vulnerabilities by having the codes generated by the actual bank or exchange websites themselves, and only then entered onto the users phone." 


Here are the various plug-ins for Hydro raindrop. {}


I managed to find information on what a "HydroId" is from the official Hydro Project page. 




Snowflake Identicons appear to be a layer of the Hydro raindrop project. They are a seconary layer of security for using Hydro.


The Hydro Project supports the development of Dapps: A Dapp stands for decentralized application: Which is a computer application that runs on a distributed computing system {its backend code is running through a decentralized peer-to-peer network.} There are many examples of Dapps on the Etherium, Steem and other chains. A Dapp could be an i phone game, a Marketplace or an advertizing platform.


 Ice documents seem pretty straight foward. Anyone with a business understands the need to notarize documents. 

Ice Document Whitepaper - - >


Tide is simply a series of payment protocol that connects with payment methods we defined earlier. P2P, B2B, Remittance etc.


"Mist is an artificial intelligenceprotocol which will create industry leading data modeling of highspeed transactions and fraud detection."


This one is a bit harder to understand. You can simplify it by defining "security tokenization." Tokenization is a cyber security term where you take a sensitive string of data and replace it with a "token" or useless piece of data. So the monitization of a security token market means making profit off a system that protects data with tokenization. Alledgidy this is a multi-trillion dollar market.


"The Hydro Community Development Program (HCDP) was created to foster the growth, health, vibrance, and complete decentralization of the Hydro ecosystem. Under the HCDP, Hydro Community Members are eligible to complete development tasks in return for HYDRO tokens. The HCDP provides a positive feedback loop for the members of the community to continually improve Hydro!"


Let us finish our investigation by looking at the actual HYDRO crypto. The total supply is 11,111,111,111 HYDRO. The Circulating supply is 10,453,999.061 HYDRO. The asking price is currently $0.00914 USD according to coinmarketcap. (-18.28). Hydro is an Etherium Based Token.





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