Bounty0x Deep Dive.

By liquid-mike | Deep Dives. | 17 Jul 2019


The following is an exploration of the crypto Bounty0x and it's surrounding projects.

We will mostly be exploring which is a "bounty" site which rewards users with crypto for completeing a variety of tasks.


If you were to head over to you can see the actual bounties where you can earn crypto.


There are many types of "bounties" {or tasks} that you can perform for crypto. Youtube bounties, twitter bounties or bounties for writing articles {above.} You can also see the bounties in order they are posted or search by keyword for them.


It seems you need to login to earn crypto or list bounties. Let's sign up to the site and see what happens!




It appears that there are 3 different types of accounts you can sign up for. Don't panic if this seems complex. Each account type is easy to understand. Also this isn't an application. When you sign up it's automatically approved. 

Sheriffs: Review submissions.

Hunters: Join a bounty with the click of a button.

Host: Automated reviewing of submissions.




When you sign into your new account: There are 3 things you need to start earn crypto working on A Metamask {ETH browser extension} An ETH address {ETH wallet} and a KYC {identification and banking info/card.}



When I logged into my new sherriff account; I discovered there is a Staking option for Bounty0x {BNTY}. You can also see your total balance and the number of subissions you have reviewed.


Let's take a look at the core of the website: The actual bounties. There are 30 official bounty hosts {above}. A bounty host is simply a project that posts the bounties and offers crypto rewards. Let's take a look at an actual bounty:


This bounty is offering BATM tokens for anyone who translates the Batmine whitepaper into Spanish, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, or Hindi. 

There are certian rules for this bounty like no using a translation service and Americans are excluded {probably because of legal reasons.}


Now that we have sucessfully explored the website: Let's take a look at the actual Bounty0x {BNTY} crypto. 


The total supply of BNTY is 500,000,000. The circulating supply is 232,720,097. The current asking price according to Coinmarketcap is $0.003284 USD. Bounty0x {BNTY} is a Etherium based token.





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