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Netflix Movie Review - Fatale

By Canim07 | DeeLight | 20 Feb 2023

I decided to watch a movie for a change the other night and end up watching Fatale, starring Hilary Swank. Michael Ealy plays the main male lead - not bad looking, bit too skinny!! Someone give him a plate of pasta ... Nice music, filmography and thrilling ride - Swank is great as a "bunny boiler" stylee character. I'm not going to give the game away too much; don't want to spoil it for you. It did bring back memories of that terrible but amazing film Misery. Definitely merits a watch but if you don't like sex/violence, don't! I'm not saying there's loads of that but it seems that every US film seems to have some of that .... enough said, I would give an 8/10. Let me have your comments on what you think, too, please! Thanks.

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