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Innovation in the NFT Gaming Space - $BRGR Token



“Great innovation happens when people aren’t afraid to do things differently” - Steve Jobs

In today’s article we start with a quote, because it perfectly describes this topic. As a lifelong video gamer starting in the 80s, I never thought we would live in an age where people could make income, let alone own part of a game. I was perfectly content platforming or wasting 100s of hours leveling up characters without anything to show for it. Today, with the advent of NFT(s) everything has changed.

NFT(s) or Non-Fungible Tokens are a type of cryptographic token representing something unique. They provide verifiable digital scarcity, digital ownership, and interoperability across multiple platforms. Since conception the use case for these tokens continues to be far and wide, but creative thinking is sparking innovation.

Take for instance the blockchain game League of Kingdoms (LoK). LoK allows players to purchase pieces of their game in the form of NFT land tokens. Each land token is embedded with coordinates telling the game its location within the world. The tokens are held in the gamer's cryptocurrency wallet outside of the game. This creates true ownership, as the tokens can be bought, sold, or traded without the game company taking a percentage of the profit.

Additionally, holders of LoK land share an in-game DAI reward pool. The pool funding comes directly from purchases made by players. The developers of LoK hand out a percentage of these rewards to active landowners. Lands with higher development points are given a larger percentage of the spoils.


LoK Land Value and Income

Active Auction Sales - Marketplaces such as Open Sea provide a place to sell LoK NFT(s). In the activity stream you can see land transactions remain active. In the past 7 days land sales range from 0.1 ETH - 2 ETH.

Passive Income - DAI is given to land owners with the basis of land rank, activity, and in-game purchases. Due to the random fluctuation reward totals are hard to pinpoint. For example, in 50 days my low level land without any activity has accumulated 1.66 DAI, but higher, more active lands made over 15.

15 DAI may not seem like a lot of profit within 50 days, but innovative projects such as BurgerLands are using this functionality in creative, efficient ways, proving the theory wrong.



The BurgerLands project comprises 14 LoK lands, with 49 member Kingdoms actively playing on the properties. BurgerBaron, the landlord and property manager, is using in-game mechanics and player activity to maximize passive profits, while increasing land value. The tenants reap 80% of the dividends paid out every two weeks.

By distributing 80% of dividends, tenants take advantage of a Play 2 Earn model run by another player without investing any capital of their own. In return, BurgerLands continues to develop, growing in levels and shares of the dividends. 

The BurgerLands project is truly innovative, taking “Play 2 Earn” to the next level. This project, now on day 38 proves its more than just a concept, but now a use case. BurgerLands is an example of a working in-game business model with 50 members contributing on a daily basis. Although, having hit this creation milestone BurgerBaron is not done!


Taking the BurgerLands concept a step further, BurgerBaron is creating the $Burger or $BRGR token. $BRGR is an innovative community token with Play 2 Earn gaming at the forefront. The token has a max supply of 10,000 and its estimated value of 11.2 ETH is backed by the total net worth of the BurgerLand project.

8000 BRGR (80%) and 4.8 ETH are now available on Uniswap as a liquidity pool to encourage trading. The remaining 2000 BRGR (20%) is reserved for community incentives in the development of the further Burger projects. 

Going forward, 80% of DAI dividends and 10% of land sales are still given to participating players on the BurgerLands project, but 20% DAI and 90% of land sales will be used to buy BRGR. All purchases of BRGR in this way will be burned. Burning BRGR creates scarcity and in theory leads to an increasing value for holders. For more information, see the White Paper.

This next phase of the BurgerLands project is just the beginning as BurgerBaron hopes to expand to other Play 2 Earn blockchain games diversifying the income and value of $BRGR. The hope for the $BRGR token is to attract more capital to stimulate player growth, while rewarding current active players who produce value. 

In a nutshell, $BRGR hopes to create and maintain a community token backed by dividend earning NFT’s efficiently developed and worked by an increasingly growing and strengthening community. If that isn’t innovation, I don’t know what is.

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Decryptolorian - Play to Earn Game Tutorials

Gaming aficionado, Cryptocurreny connoisseur, NFT Bounty Hunter. Follow me on Twitter to see the latest bounties:

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