I am Harvard/Columbia grad🎓 who formerly worked in the finance industry💵 who is passionate about smart contracts and DeFi and has been involved in crypto🔑 for many years. I am now opening a fitness studio🏋️‍♀️ and starting a crypto hedge fund. I was inspired to write this blog covering the basics of DeFi, tips and tricks, and mistakes to avoid for DeFi newbies, to make DeFi more accessible. Feel free to reach out!

4 Reasons DeFi Tokens are Massively Better than Stock Options at Compensating Startup Employees

16 Apr 2021 9 minute read 3 comments DeFi Enthusiast

DeFi tokens are far better compensation for employees than traditional startup equity options for the following reasons:     🔷Unlike DeFi tokens, startup equity and its options are illiquid. Employees can sell DeFi tokens without a big haircut.    ...

The Degen's Playground: My Opinion, as an Ethereum Acolyte, on Binance Smart Chain

4 Apr 2021 9 minute read 3 comments DeFi Enthusiast

Let me just say from the very beginning that I fucking ❤️ Ethereum. Ever since I have been around cryptocurrency, I have always been curious about its potential as to decentralized finance and smart contracts. It could do so much more than Bitcoin. B...

The Psychology of Why People Fall for Crypto Shills in Droves

2 Apr 2021 9 minute read 10 comments DeFi Enthusiast

If you are on crypto social media, you are bound to see posts every day warning against shills like Bitboy, the biggest crypto YouTuber who is widely accused of pumping various shitcoins by shilling their 100x potential to his followers, and then dum...

Three Reasons to Be Very Wary of Venture Capital in DeFi

24 Mar 2021 9 minute read 3 comments DeFi Enthusiast

Nearly every day brings news that a venture capital firm is investing in a decentralized finance ("DeFi") project. This is not surprising given that there is massive opportunity in this space, and DeFi projects, by their nature, have the theoretical...

Three Things I Wish I Knew About DeFi Before I Dove In

23 Mar 2021 10 minute read 3 comments DeFi Enthusiast

Decentralized finance ("DeFi") is transitioning from something only cryptopunks were excited about to something people outside of the crypto elite are beginning to notice and discuss. NFTs, which have captured the public's attention, are one factor r...

Three Cognitive Biases That Can Negatively Impact Your Crypto Trading

22 Mar 2021 12 minute read 5 comments DeFi Enthusiast

It seems like everyone and their grandmother is trading cryptocurrency these days. This is great because widespread adoption is necessary for crypto to reach its full potential. But these new traders are also at high risk of losing money for several...

Caveat Emptor: Four Critical Facts About NFTs That Buyers Should Know

20 Mar 2021 13 minute read 5 comments DeFi Enthusiast

The manic fervor around non-fungible tokens ("NFTs") is reaching a fever pitch. People are searching for the term "NFT" in droves, more often even than "Ethereum", the network on which NFTs are minted and sold (among many other useful crypto function...

Why Does Depositing Crypto on Decentralized Finance Platforms Earn a Return?

19 Mar 2021 5 minute read 7 comments DeFi Enthusiast

If you deposit your cryptocurrency on a decentralized finance platform ("DeFi") platform, you can earn an additional return (over and above any gains in the value of the cryptocurrency). You also have the option to put stablecoins (i.e., cryptocurren...

Seven Steps to Earn Extra Return on Your Ethereum on DeFi Platforms

18 Mar 2021 6 minute read 9 comments DeFi Enthusiast

Investing in cryptocurrency has gone mainstream and people en masse have purchased Bitcoin, Ethereum, and various altcoins. But did you know that you can use your cryptocurrency to earn a return by putting it onto decentralized finance (also referred...