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What is Waivio?

Waivio is a social media platform where users can earn crypto rewards for their posts. Waivio built on Hive, a social decentralized blockchain, which provides true control over social profile without the threat of censorship or losing access to the audience.

Ways to earn rewards:

1. Earn as an author of a post:

  • Collect as many upvotes as possible in 7 days to earn rewards.
  • Posts in trending section may receive hundreds of dollars in rewards.

2. Earn as a curator:

  • Collect rewards for upvoting posts on Waivio.
  • The value of the vote is determined by the user's stake.
  • Half of the vote value goes to the author, and another half to the curator.
  • A user can give 10 upvotes per day in a sustainable way.

3. Participate in sponsored rewards:

  • Collect rewards by completing tasks announced by sponsors, such as sharing an opinion about a specific product, book or place, or sharing a couple of photos of a dish from a restaurant or featuring sponsored products in a post, photo, or video.
  • Global and local rewards are available with different values and requirements.


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