ENJIN - Lost relics - 4 hours - #1

By Ignis fatuus | Decentralized gaming | 11 Apr 2021

I'm seeing more and more content about pay to earn games.

Streamers are hyped (a few of them at least), they are claiming thousands of dollars are filling their virtual pockets.

I don't think anyone is making real money on this for the ethereum fees, the cost of taking out a blockchain object from the game and selling it would probably be humongous.

So I've decided to try and play Lost Relics for one or two hours a day for the next months. If one day ETH2.0 and Efinity will be deployed I could make some bucks out of it.

To play you have to make a mobile Enjin wallet and download the client here.

Opening the game and waiting for a million updates you can admire yourself.


You are this dude. It doesn't start well. You have only one eye. I don't want to be an ableist but fighting monster in a dungeon is not a wise career choise.

The fixed location of the game is the city.

You'll be directed by some quests to the tavern where you can stash your objects, the marketplace and an emporium where all the users exchange stuff.

Going upstairs in the tavern, you'll find your room.



In the emporium users can sell their findings.


 After you've familiarized with the sorroundings, you can start fighting monster in the dungeons. 


Forgotten chambers is the dungeons for newbies.

I tried going somewhere else but i died and lost an axe.

If you lose virtual items they're lost forever, so it's better to stick to the simple dungeon till you undertand how the game works.


Maybe after some time the game will be more interesting but for the first levels there's just a lot of clicking to do.

Even if you can use two weapons, for short and long attack, I stopped using the bow and just started spamming the right button mouse attack(a more powerful melee attack).


You go into the dungeon.You clear it. You get burned a lot.


You find rocks. You mine them.


 Sometimes you find big rocks. You attack them for three-four minutes, while monster are spawing around you, to get to the treasure.


If you don't want to go on with your life you can commit suicide by lava, just going down the stairs.


It's a little boring, but there seems to be a lot of interesting mechanics.

You can upgrade your skills going forward to obtain raw elements.


Elements that can be used to craft items. So the more you play the more interesting it should get.



After a while I get bored and I started going around the town to see what was happening.

You can encounter robodudes.


I followed a resident bot.



It seems creepy, but I didn't have bad intentions.

stalking 3

If you click on the statue she is celebrating R J Campbell. 


Other town bots are a little crazy and speak to themselves.


There are some punk girls going around.


Usually they go to the cemetery to pray.


It's a strange town. They pray a lot.

I've given my allegiance to a guy. The guy disappeared and now there is a monument to coal that makes bad puns.

bad puns

I got a little lost in mundane events.

After four hours of playing I collected this things.


The items can be virtual and blockchain. All of this are virtual so they can be lost if you die in a dungeon.


I'll continue to play for a while, hoping the only thing I'll earn won't be a tendinitis for all the clicking.

At last I think this image that pops up during the loading screen is great.






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