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Enter YFX V4’s Genesis Referral Node Program – A Chance to Win 1 Million YFX Tokens!

By Heath Muchena | Decentralised News | 2 May 2024

What is YFX V4?

YFX is a pioneer in the decentralized perpetual protocol sector, established in 2020. Over three years and four iterations, YFX has evolved into a community-driven initiative. Currently, the project is co-managed by community representative 0xEuler and a team of developers from the technical community. YFX V4, developed to meet the market’s demand for decentralized perpetual contracts, significantly enhances capital utilization and fairness within the YFX protocol.

YFX V4 is designed to offer the most comprehensive and cost-effective solution in the Perpetual Protocol marketplace, providing traders and makers with an efficient, profitable platform. In YFX V4, traders and makers can utilize up to 200x leverage, which markedly boosts capital efficiency. The introduction of the Premium Index and Market Price helps to maintain balance between long and short positions. In the novel earning and referral systems, users can gain YFX tokens at minimal costs and enjoy commissions with up to a 75% rebate rate.

Key Features of YFX V4

Leading Protocol:

  • YFX introduced the PvPool trading mechanism in 2021, which facilitates direct trading between traders and liquidity pools. This mechanism is now widely adopted in leading Perpetual protocols.

Single Asset Pool:

  • Liquidity providers can contribute to or withdraw from single-asset pools for linear (USD-Based) and inverse (Coin-Based) contracts without facing impermanent loss.

Maximized Capital Efficiency:

  • The Leveraged Liquidity Pool (LLP) in YFX V4 allows liquidity providers to offer liquidity with up to 100x leverage, maximizing capital efficiency.


  • The LP Balance Automated Market Maker (LPB-AMM) in YFX V4 enhances trading depth based on the balance maintained by the liquidity providers.

Diverse Earning System:

  • The new earning system in YFX V4 enables users to accrue YFX tokens and secure high rewards through various activities such as trading, maintaining positions, adding liquidity, and referring others.

MPC Wallet:

  • YFX V4 supports MPC (Multi-Party Computation) wallets, facilitating easy access to wallet systems via Email, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Discord, and other accounts, thus lowering barriers to using DeFi products.

YFX Referral System


Within the YFX referral framework, once a referrer-referee linkage is made, the referrer receives a transaction fee rebate in their wallet instantly after each transaction by the referee is verified on the blockchain. For every 1 USD traded by the referee, the referrer earns 1 URP token (USD Referral Points). There are eight levels of transaction fee rebates and discounts. Accumulating URPs to a certain level allows users to burn URP tokens to advance to higher tiers.

1,000,000 YFX Token Prize Pool

To incentivize the 100 referral nodes, from May 8th to July 30th, a prize pool of 1,000,000 YFX Tokens will be distributed according to the trading volume contributed by each node and their referred traders.

Application Requirements

  1. Qualified Applicants include: Community Leaders, Youtubers, TikTok Creators, Instagram Creators, Article Writers, Price Tracking Websites, Crypto Wallets, Navigation Websites, Press Media, etc.

  2. Minimum of 10,000 followers or users across all platforms.

  3. Prior experience in collaborating with other Perpetual/DeFi projects, with special consideration for those who have engaged in Affiliate Programs.

  4. Available Referral Node Slots: 100

What You Will Get From YFX 

  1. A 70% rebate for each referral node and a 20% discount for traders referred, with rebates transferred directly to wallets after each trade made by a referred trader.

  2. Nodes and their referred traders contributing to YFX’s trading volume will be eligible to share in a prize pool containing 1,000,000 YFX tokens.

  3. Collaborative promotions to boost community presence and feature genesis nodes on the community page.

How to Apply

  • Follow @YFX_COM, retweet the promotion tweet, pen an article about YFX, or produce a video concerning YFX, etc.

  • Complete the application form at: https://bit.ly/3JrjU30

  • Post-launch of YFX V4, generate a referral code in V4 (note: V3 codes are not valid), and forward your code via email to [email protected]

  • Await the adjustment of the rebate coefficient and a confirmation email from YFX.

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