Unfold 2022 Web3 conference by CoinDCX showcases Web3 is much bigger than just UPI / Payments !

By Deba215 | DebsCorner | 26 Aug 2022



It was a privilege to attend Unfold2022 conducted by CoinDCX today. The focus of the event was to showcase the broad aspect of Web3 and how this will be the next technological evolution to impact mankind. The event showcased the growing numbers of both developers and users of the space. The event also highlighted the real life domains like finance, gaming, census, kyc, entertainment, social media etc which are already adopting the principles of Web3. While certain centralized authorities still perceive blockchain as just a money laundering tool; the event opens up the minds of people who are open to understand the benefits of an evolving technology.


Several eminent stalwarts of the blockchain industry shared their wisdom today. A note of thanks to Sumit, Neeraj, Balaji, Sandeep, Illia, Uri, Pareen, Sameep, Hamzah, Yawn, Shradha Sharma, Hemant , Aniket, Kaavya, Parth, Alex, Sai and all the other speakers for taking out time and sharing valuable lessons.

Sharing below few quick takeaways from today's event.

- Onchain census protocol - a powerful usecase which governments across the globe can implement.
- BTC is now 26th most powerful currency.
- Key to success is RELENTLESS CONSISTENCY by the team; day by day for at least first 3-5 years.
- Make products which are - FAIR n TRANSPARENT.
- Simplify customer experience.
- Before thinking of 1M or 1B market cap .. think of how to make your first 100-200 customers super happy.
- Greedy projects NEVER survive.
- 40-50M users of dapps expected by 2024.
- Create ease of use while the tech things like bridging etc happens at back end ( users don’t care about tech .. they want easy experience).
- Think what are the problems of Web2 .. that will give you web3 ideas.
- Build community.. make your community acquire customers for you ( that’s more powerful than advertising).
- NFTs for ticketing , creator economy , identity verification, rare assets ownership, recognition.
- Have customer focus ahead of tech focus.
- New trends : Scalability infra , Utility NFTs , Web3 Analytics tools.



A note of thanks to all in the organizing team for conducting the event smoothly. Web3 is here to stay and dissolve the boundaries we have in the physical world. The world will be a better place to live the sooner we all start adopting Web3 is it diminishes centralization, corruption, divide, manipulation by building a system which is decentralized, transparent, inclusive and fair.

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