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By Mooontivated | Volunteering | 25 Jul 2021

Cold morning Folks, it's been a week of rain and it didn't stop
(Just like my heart beating for you and it didn't stop) oh! Char lang! HAHA

I'm here to share my experience as a Kyhte member or volunteer anyways ...
Kythe is a non-profit, non-stock organization aimed towards improving the quality of life among hospitalized children with cancer and other chronic illness.

We are a group of trained professionals providing Child Life Services. As the only foundation in the Philippines offering the Kythe Child Life Services, we provide psychosocial support to over 18,000 children with cancer and other chronic illness and their families every year.

Together with our hospital partners, donors and volunteers, we aim to promote healing and growth.

We aim to inspire hope.

I joined Kythe and It was amazing cause I've really enjoyed this kind of activity the staffs are very welcoming. We do visiting twice to thrice amount doing activities and playing with them. Their smile and happiness are priceless they just look like a normal child with no illness that's our mission, by the way, to make them happy and feel belongingness.



unfortunately, cause of the Pandemic we're not able to visit the children so we have to make another way to make them happy. We started virtual meetings and plans due to restrictions one to two persons only are allowed to the hospital so we've just kept on making activities and sent it to them so they didn't get bored and the interactions are still active.

These are some activities that we've made :

DIY Lion will unleash their creativity, the instructions are also indicated so they follow it and build their own.

When you open this book you can see a set of personalized coloring books plus crayons:)

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We keep doing activities that really help them to fight and survived their illnesses, yeah it's quite hard and tiring but everything is worth it! We are helping innocent angels anyways! :)

You can be a volunteer too and be the light of those angels :)

That's it for today keep safe everyone! ^^

This is Mooon ay this is Kuya Alfred! Peace out! ✌

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