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Recap of this Week's Posts by D.Buzz Vol.140

By DBuzz | D.Buzz | 15 Mar 2023


Recap of this week's posts by D.Buzz
For the week ending on 3/12/2023 | Vol. 140

What's buzzing, friends?

Concrete - we did a photo challenge on it a few weeks back, but let's talk more about this material. Concrete is a highly versatile and widely used material in modern construction. It is known for its strength, durability, and ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Despite its many benefits, concrete is not impervious to the effects of time and exposure to natural elements, especially seawater. Over time, it can break down, resulting in cracks and other damage that can compromise the integrity of the building structure.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem, which comes in Roman concrete. This ancient building material has existed for over two thousand years and is still strong today. Today, we will take a second and talk about what makes Roman concrete so unique and durable.

The answer lies in its unique composition. Unlike modern concrete made primarily of Portland cement, Roman concrete is a mixture of volcanic ash, lime, and seawater. This combination creates a chemical reaction, a crystalline substance resulting in a more robust and durable material than traditional concrete. In some ways, it heals itself even over time. WOW.

In addition to its strength and durability, Roman concrete has other benefits that make it ideal for modern construction. For example, it is more environmentally-friendly than traditional concrete, as it does not require high temperatures to produce. Its composition also makes it resistant to seawater, making it an excellent choice for coastal or marine structures. If you want to learn more about this, head to HERE, and read the article.

There you have it - the Romans knew the trick to make things last, and they knew how to concrete the ideas that still stand today. Good for you, we also like to cement our thoughts, and you can get up-to-speed with all the developments from DBuzz below!


Wonder if the Romans had to deal with this issue too.


Last Sunday

Here's a link to the previous recap post from last Sunday.

Read it here:


Last Monday, DBuzz challenged its users to share their favorite place - a place that brings them happiness. As individuals, we all have a special place that we hold dear to our hearts, whether it's a physical location or a state of mind. The challenge encourages people to reflect on their happy place, and share it with others. Play along and perhaps you can be the winner!

Read it here:


On Tuesday, the DBuzz news reported some exciting developments on the Hive blockchain network. The Hive community is continuously working on improving the functionality of the network, and recent updates have brought about some significant improvements.

One of the most exciting updates is the development of a new Unity Hive plugin. This plugin will help users log in using their Hive account on a Unity-based website or application more quickly and efficiently with the Hive Authentication service.

Read it here:


Pawesomeness-picks... It's like opening a box of 12 doughnuts but finding 13 doughnuts in that box. Extra Yummmmm.

Read it here:


As part of their weekly community highlight, DBuzz has chosen to spotlight @akdx, who is a blogger that has consistently shown a passion for learning and expanding their knowledge. The highlight serves as recognition for the valuable contributions that @akdx has made to the DBuzz community and beyond. Keep up the great work, buddy!

Read it here:


This week's Friday photo challenge is centered around the theme of bridges. Whether metaphorical or physical, the challenge is to capture an interesting photo showcasing bridges' beauty and significance.

Bridges have always held a special place in human history and culture, representing a connection between two things. Physical bridges not only help us to cross rivers, valleys, or other barriers, but they also serve as architectural marvels that frequently become tourist attractions. They are also symbolic of overcoming obstacles, building relationships, and fostering connections. Go show us what you got, and find a good bridge!

Read it here:


Every Saturday, we provide our readers with a comprehensive community roundup of exciting and engaging events happening around Hive on DBuzz. This week's edition features a collection of great buzzes, which includes fascinating healing herbs, the inspiring love between a daughter and a mother, and photos of festivals and malls. WOW!

Read it here:

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D.Buzz is a decentralised censorship resistant social media app. Decentralised social media ensures transparency, prevents manipulation and protects the free speech of users on platforms like D.Buzz. Using any HIVE account creation service, you can claim a HIVE account and generate your account keys for the ability to log into any DAPP built on top of the HIVE blockchain, including but not limited to D.Buzz. All with a single username + set of keys.

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