Bitcoin Education - Interview with the Co-Founder of ByoVault

By donekim | dblog | 16 Feb 2020


Hi publish0x Friends!

I got to sit down with a good friend and awesome crypto advocate, Anastasyia (aka Lady Anarki). She is the co-founder of ByoVault, which offers bitcoin education services and workshops. With the upcoming bitcoin halving – the anticipated bull run will traditionally bring a flood of new people into the space. That’s why I thought it would be fun to chat all about bitcoin education.

Topics Covered in the Interview


  • Tips for how crypto enthusiasts can better explain bitcoin to their friends and family when they start getting more questions.

  • What areas she finds people often get stuck, have issues or get frustrated when learning about crypto.

  • Her recommendations for easy to use wallets and fiat to crypto onramp exchanges.

  • Her thoughts on what generally drives people to join the space – based on conversations she has with newbies.

  • The types of classes, workshops and offerings ByoVault provides.

Anastasyia is a wealth of knowledge and she is doing all sorts of great things in the space! She is also involved with BitcoinNatio, which helps to provide crypto education to entrepreneurs and business owners. She also is the co-founder of a fun company called PhoneHodl that she often sells at crypto conferences!

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CryptoAsset & Blockchain / STEEM & EOS Journalist

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