My favorite Publish0x authors

My favorite Publish0x authors

By 10 minutes | dayplorer | 20 May 2020

Hello friends, I'm glad to meet you again.

As everyone knows, Publish0x celebrates 100,000 subscribers, and on this occasion I am pleased to extend my heartfelt congratulations to the founders of this platform, and also to the authors and readers who are the beating heart of this platform.

I would also like to express how grateful I am for joining this platform, it is truly a great honor.
On this occasion too, I'd like to thank Brave browser, which allows me to discover Publish0x.

We return again to our celebration with Publish0x and the rewards that perhaps everyone knows, and that one of its conditions is to publish an article about the favorite authors.
Frankly, even if there or not any rewards, some authors deserve more than one article on their right as a recognition and as encouragement to continue.

And in regards to my favorite Publish0x authors, there are many who I follow and read their articles, but I'll only stay with one author, which is :


The reason for choosing this author is its diverse, fertile and abundant articles at the same time, and this time I would like to offer him a greeting of thanks and appreciation.

I would also like to express how impressed I am with his ability to publish more than one article per day. In fact, it is somewhat difficult. It squeezes my mind to just find the appropriate idea or topic to write a single article, without mention the style and time required to do it.

Another feature that I like about MadMaax is its non-surrender and its constant persistence, sometimes one of us can publish an article and fail to carry the idea and get readers to interact and engage, which is a bit frustrating, but with MadMaax there is nothing called failure.

This is my favorite Publish0x author, thanks MadMaax, keep doing what you master, it's wonderful.

Finally, I'd like to thank Publish0x Once again for giving us the opportunity to meet these great authors and readers.


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