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DOANN: Chapter Four.


"That was a lot of stuff, packed in that truck." Jeff said. as he stood in the walkway between the living room and the little off the kitchen and dining room. "I can't believe it is barely noon either." He chuckled "I saw bread, eggs, mayo, and mustard."



"Egg salad?"



"Damn straight." He chuckled. "I'll get started on that, and you can..."



"Finding more places to hide stuff." I chuckled.



I found easy and safe places to hide all the guns and ammo. I chuckled to myself. I now had at least three pistols hidden in every room. "It's ready!" Jeff shouted. I walked the corner into the dining room almost the same time he tried to walk up. I quickly grabbed the plate from him, spun around him, and tapped his butt. "Grr, tiger." He chuckled.



"That was my squad's leader's way of thanking the cook, it caught on." I chuckled. "That was nothing personal."



"Aww." He groaned disappointedly. Then slapped my ass. "That was!" He chuckled.



"Youer lucky you have stitches." I chuckled.



"OH why?" He asked playfully amused.



"Cause I bet you're ticklish." I turned and smirked at him.



"Am not!" He impudently insisted.



"Sure!" I chuckled and ate.



I poured myself and pured my self a glass of milk. "Do you want one?" I asked. He nodded at me, I poured his glass, and handed it to me.



"What's a marpon?"



I sighed. "It's Spanish for butterfly..."



"Yea I know that." he laughed. "but why did you punch the commander?"



"Depending on what country you're in it's either Fag, or a friendly way to call a friend gay. That and I have really wanted to for the last week." I paused. "Either way he isn't our friend." I looked at the glass milk bottle. "Tomorrow, we return our deposit." Jeff looked at me confused. "We visit this dairy, and return our bottles."






"To see what is up, like I said, the commander had nothing this farmer needed. We go and return our bottles in person, just to see what is up. "



"Ok, but why?"



"Cause kid, ignorance can kill you... And it's always good to have someone owe you a favor." I picked up the bottle. "If I had to guess, this bottle is worth more than the milk that's in it." He put away the kitchen, I put the living room, bedrooms back in order.



He didn't seem to be in much pain and turned down any kind of pain medince. "Besides, uhh stargate, what is there to do?"



"Lets put the humvee away, and I'll show you." We put the Humvee in the large detached garage.



"Well, this is where you grow it." He chuckled.



"And tinker, and play." I said pointing to the two 3d printers, laser cutter, and laswer CNC machines. and more standard workshop tools.



"What did the CIA think you'd need all this for?"



I smirked at him. "My team, did the impossible remember?" He nodded, and smirked back" I said if I was going to live in the middle of no where, I needed a hobby and one that might be useful, to people who, don't want to go shopping at the store."



"Shopping at the store?"



"Yes, where there are records and cameras tracking you while you shop and what you buy."



"That worked out." He chuckled.



"What about you? Before this?"



"Computer stuff, and nerdy stuff." He shrugged.



"Nerdy stuff?" I glanced at him.



"I liked D&D, a lot, I painted models." He took one out of his pocket. "Ershire the Grand, he was my wizard." He handed it to me.



I inspected it, the details were amazing, his robe had shadows and patterns. "This is impressive." I smiled at him. and handed it to him."That attention to detail can be trained for more practical uses." I handed it back. "Did you ever cast magic missiles in the darkness?"



"You can't do that!" He shouted, while his face flushed, and he stomped his foot,  smirked at him "You can't cast a spell at the darkness." He suddenly noticed my smirk. "What's so Amusing?!" He grumbled as his face returned to normal.



"Your adorable when you're angry."



He flushed again, for another reason. "Really?" He stammered.



"Cuter when you do that..." I chuckled. "At least when it's something your passionate about."


He walked over to the computers, with a bit of a swagger that hadn't been there before, and was awfully suspect, which he confirmed, by looking back at me a bit coyly. "Too bad none of it works." He sighed touching a button on a keyboard. It came to life, and startled him. "how?"



I walked to a section of wall. "Metal, walls." I tapped my finger on one. I pointed to a pile of dead electronics. "That was all in the house."



He glanced at the dead pile. "Huh!" He grunted as he sat at the computer. He tinkered with it, I went to watering my plants, then tend to my molds. "What's this?" He asked walking behind me.


"Penicillium" I sighed.



"Like the antibiotic?" He asked  I nodded back.



"I think at least." He looked at me funny. "I have been refining it, starting from moldy bread, I am pretty sure now, that it is just Penicillium..."

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Howdy, Just a nerdy author, computer nerd gaymer. I like to write, mainly young adult. I enjoy a good challenge so drop a suggestion my way and I'll write it for you.

Dawn of a New night. (Action-sci-fi /LGBTQ)
Dawn of a New night. (Action-sci-fi /LGBTQ)

Dawn of a new night. (DOANN), takes place a decade or two into the future, in the great Wyoming wastes, after a holocaust of global proportions. Global government has collapsed, A retired Navy seal, who was in Cheyenne Tracking deep Russian operatives for the CIA, still holds his oath sacred. He never thought the horrors he saw abroad in the Corps, would follow him home after he left. He swears to save as many from that fate, alone if he has to.

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