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DOANN: Chapter Five.

Chapter 5.

We went to bed, he had no real objection to sleeping in the second room. My intention of letting him sleep in my room was to be close in case the now unthinkable happened, while he was hurt. I had been alone, for the last few months, even before hell-spawned outside my living room. In short, I had been accustom to having someone, anyone else to help He was no marine, but he was willing, not quite 'able', like the slaver pointed out, but he was ready to learn.



I got up in the middle of the night, to pee. I heard him talking to himself I peed and listened in to him. "..He isn't even gay.." He started. "Even if he were, you have nothing to offer him... No skills he can't already do...." Obviously, he had taken our first night, a bit more personal. I froze as I remembered, how he had woken up on my chest. His warmth felt good, admittedly my morning wood was a bit harder to ignore that morning.



I pushed his door opened. "You offer me alot." I sighed. "There are things I can do, that I can't currently, cause I have to do others." He looked terrified up at me, realizing that I had heard him. "Just having someone to talk to, has allowed me to get more done...." The panic fled from his face, I thought for a second he might even smirk, he didn't. "And from what combat you have had, you will probably be good at it." Now he smirked.



"Your cooler under fire, then I am handling my feelings." I sighed.



"I couldn't iminage what you have been though..." I cold thought entered my body and caused me to pause that for a split second it felt like he had stopped the middle word.



"You will..." I said with such remorse. "And that is why I joined, so you, your friends, and family wouldn't..."



Either ignoring my implication, or not grasping the full meaning, either, I couldn't be sure. "SO?" He asked.



"So..." I repeated, I knew what he was asking, he went to clarify. "... You have seen, my shame. I kicked my leg into the floor, it made a metallic thud as it hit the carpet.



"That doesn't matter..." He sighed. "You by far, are the best man I know, a warrior's heart, the mind of a master chess player, and I think somewhere in there, a teddy bear...."



I mulled over his words, I glanced at him, he was probably in his underwear. he had awkwardly worked into the conversation earlier that is how he preferred to sleep. I thought so long, he went to speak again, probably to plead his case. "If you find me attractive, and can deal with more baggage than anyone deserves..." I stomped my foot again. ".... You can come to sleep with me tonight..."



He smirked. "Of course." He smiled. I held back a frown, He was a boy, I feared, and knew all too soon, that was going to come to an end, soon he would have to take someone's life. Despite what anyone had ever said, what separated men, from boys, women from girls, was that, killing someone. Perhaps, besides teaching him how to fight, I could at least, when the time came, ease his transition to manhood.  When your brother or sister loses that innocence, you are both



We walked back to my room, I turned off the 5:00 AM alarm, and turned on the 8 Am one, and flopped on my back into bed, he climbed into bed on his side. We laid there, neither quite sure what to do next. Uneasiness filled the air, almost stinging my lungs like sprinting too long.



The next step was his. After a few minutes, he sighed, and rolled on his side, and curled up on my chest. I put my arm around him and held him close. He sighed, half contently and half relieved. "I didn't know what to do..." He sighed.



"It was your move kid..." I sighed. "But, I didn't know either. Good night."



"What do you mean?" He asked. I ignored him and fell asleep.



My alarm went off the next morning. "Soo early." He whined.



"I let us sleep in." I chuckled, pounding my fist into my clock



"I know, it's much later than yesterday," He said looking down, but his head and chest were blocking exactly at where."But it was like three, by the time you came in, and I hadn't slept yet." He said as he traced circles on my stomach, lightly witha few fingertips. I smiled at the back of his head, hair is a bit messy from sleeping. Then it became aware what he was looking at, as his fingers moved to it..."Another way I am not cool like you." He sighed.



had I seen his? Yes, had I noticed what it's size was? No. For some reason, his admission turned me on."Like I said, about the push-ups, you bring your own uniqueness to it."



"When my dad had the 'sex' talk, he said it's not how big, it's how you use it...." He sighed. "I didn't get it, then."



"As far as you using 'it' I am not a bottom," I grunted a bit masculinely.

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Howdy, Just a nerdy author, computer nerd gaymer. I like to write, mainly young adult. I enjoy a good challenge so drop a suggestion my way and I'll write it for you.

Dawn of a New night. (Action-sci-fi /LGBTQ)
Dawn of a New night. (Action-sci-fi /LGBTQ)

Dawn of a new night. (DOANN), takes place a decade or two into the future, in the great Wyoming wastes, after a holocaust of global proportions. Global government has collapsed, A retired Navy seal, who was in Cheyenne Tracking deep Russian operatives for the CIA, still holds his oath sacred. He never thought the horrors he saw abroad in the Corps, would follow him home after he left. He swears to save as many from that fate, alone if he has to.

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