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IMPORTANCE of MRHB DeFi concept on our modern Society

Hello Everyone. I'm davidbolu34, Permit me to share my submit on the obvious benefits MRHB DeFi can contribute to our society. 

MRHB vision initially was an "Only Muslim Focused" inclined on the Shariah Compliance Law and Islamic religion principles.

Interestingly, Shariah-compliant offerings, funds and transactions are considered to be the type of socially, ethical responsible investments and contracts. If this platform is integrated to the masses via a user-friendly blockchain interface, it's certain that the MRHB DeFi which is known as Marhaba Decentralized Finance will proffer solutions to the user-unfriendly interface, exclusive and complexities within the DeFi and Shariah Compliant transactions.

Now! If the aim of MRHB DeFi find a dominant place in the trading and investing contracts of cryptocurrencies, then we can be rest assured of better ethical responsible, transparent and secured smart contracts mechanism.

The blockchain technology is a very vast and beneficial digital currency transaction ledger. Obviously! MRHB DeFi built in the principle of Blockchain technology, Shariah Compliance technology but now with an additional core structure and operating system that involves "Inclusive decentralized finance" which on it own will contribute alot to our society at large. How? The word "Inclusive" means free access, open to as many that possess the neccasary criteria to be a part, not only Muslim Investors.These tells us that the more accessible the cryptocurrencies are to the masses with fair, trusted, transparent and secured contracts the more our society mitigates corruption, poverty, slavery and centralized wealth.

The participation of many other users in MRHB spreads the influence of the trending ethical financial revolution and propagate the encapsulation Shariah compliance within Blockchain, cryptocurrencies investment.

A major beneficial offering of MRHB DeFi i appreciate is the Sahal Wallet, A digital system inclined with the Shariah complaint Blockchain technology which is user-friendly via iOS and Android systems that enables users to have total privacy and security of their Blockchain assets as long as users and potential user are well informed on the various complaint tokens that can be stored, transacted and managed.

The whole MHRB DeFi offerings and benefits are very interactive with the end users and this will improve the economic status of individual users in the society and ultimately integrate the society economy.

The liquidity benefit possibilities with low risk is of great influence in our society as many can generate income passively by stalking compliant crypto tokens as dormant assets, with freedom to securely mobilize or move your assets and investments lucratively across the whole digital crypto world.

The interest free contract on borrowing and lending policy based on Shariah Compliance is also of great contribution to the masses unlike the conventional financial sector where too much interest limits the user-friendly concept.

MRHB DeFi will obviously ease funding of individual ventures or projects only with necessary collateral lending or borrowing of complaint crypto tokens that are secure and interest free.

User can share, donate as charity demands with ease not worrying about the transparency and privacy. You can convinently supervise your donation mobility via sahal wallet incorporated in MRHB DeFi.

Users can contribute to the governance of the Shariah Compliance policies, raising funds to implement and improve new ideas and policies which will surely enhance societal development via the DAO privileges.

Conclusively!  As long as majority of societal users are adapted to the Shariah ethical elements while engaging contracts or transactions using different crypto tokens and assets in a decentralized and secured way then the society will surely be a place of freedom, love, development and faith based society-financial sector free from corruption, gambling, excessive risk and unnecessary interest.

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I'm David Bolu, i live in Abuja, Nigeria. I'm an Applied chemist, Guitarist and Researcher. I'm currently into virtual reality gaming operations and content creation.

David Bolu E-Money World
David Bolu E-Money World

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