Aiming for the moon with Moon..

By Dave1280 | Dave1280 | 19 Jul 2020

While not long into my crypto journey, I do love spotting what I call a ‘distraction’ from my main portfolio. A project I can jump on and go along for the ride, while keeping a steadfast exit strategy in mind. 

I was fortunate to catch datamine (DAM and FLUX) from day one, and enjoyed a 850% basic ROI in a couple of days, then exit at what turned out to be the right time (a couple of hours after hitting that ROI, as it turns out).

I’ve now jumped onboard a ride to the Moon, with.. well.. 


The basics behind the token are that it’s an experimental deflationary token, with a staking reward.

To quote ‘HODLERS and STRONG HANDS get rewarded by the weak hands. Weak hands get punished. 10% fee on moving coins/ transaction and 10% fee on unstakes.’

From every 10% fee, 4% goes back to the stakers, 2% for referrals, and 4% gets burned and reduces the total supply.

From the initial mint of 250million, we’re now sitting at 240million.

Very simple concept, and so far I’m well on my way to covering any of the 10% fees, from the dividends I’ve made on staking the token.

All well, and good, I’m increasing my holding of token through the staking at a satisfactory rate… but how are the tokens performing?


Again, not too bad, a good increase since I bought in over the weekend, and with the ever increasing supply of dividends I’m receiving I’m sitting on another nice ROI.

As always with the likes of this ‘portfolio distraction’, I’m be keeping an eye on my holding volume vs. price, for the right time to exit.. But for now, I’m happy to aim for the moon!

Link below, for anyone wanting to get in on the token, and get staking.


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