What do you think of LBRY Coin?

What do you think of LBRY Coin?

One of the first cryptocurrencies I've gained interest in is a coin called LBRY. 

I own a company called The Female Wrestling Channel and we have been banned all over the place for the sin of being "sexy"..........I suppose.

We have no nudity whatsoever.   

It might be considered fetish for some, but as our wrestling is very real, it's not fetish for the ladies involved as our wrestling style is very challenging mentally and physically.  

Well, this brought me to LBRY.   

I actually saw a segment with John Stossel where he mentioned the company.   

I bookmarked it and forget about it for a bit.

Crypto folks are always talking about "use-case".

It's a decentralized video service.   My videos supposedly cannot be taken down as they are now on the blockchain.

The creator and the user (through rewards) get paid through LBRY.   

My early impressions lean towards an explosion in services that PAY FOR ATTENTION.

I think it's absolutely wonderful as getting paid for things I do everyday...........EITHER WAY...........is simply incredible.

I made a short video on how to use LBRY RIGHT HERE.

The question remains..........

Will it work?

It's a great concept, but still largely untested in the long run.  

Even with the Brave Browser they have cut the commissions quite a bit the last few months.   

As for the coin itself, there is a lot of room in the market.  

You will see big gaps often between the prices.

The last few months I've seen the coin go anywhere from 1.5 cents and got really close to 4 cents around August if you look at the 90 day here:

If you got in a few thousand dollars when it goes low..............and you end up selling high...........that's going to be a really nice gain if you are willing to HODL!

The Questions I Have For Readers:

- Is this a coin you are invested in or would invest in?
- Is this a coin (and company) that you think has a bright future?
- Do you think "Pay for Attention" is a short term scheme to get users in or a long term viable business model that can work out big time?
- Is this a coin (and company) that simply is going to have incredible competition, as everything they do can be copied by someone potentially with more money?

As I am in the United States, I currently use BITTREX to trade LBRY and I hook Bittrex into 3Commas so I can monitor multiple exchanges at once.

If you are not signed up for LBRY, please use my link below.

If you are subscribed to LBRY, consider following my channels on the platform below.

NOTE 1:  I am not a financial advisor and nothing here should be construed as such.   Do your own research and take everything I say with a grain of salt. 

NOTE 2:   I am discussing LBRY here.  The service they are attempting to get more people on, that uses LBRY as it's backbone, is their Youtube competitor service called ODYSEE.  They are the same, you can interchange between platforms with the same username and password, and everything will carry over if you upload on one or the other.  I think of LBRY as being more adult and Odysee being more mainstream in terms of their approach, but that just might be me!!



Do you enjoy the concept of being paid to give your ATTENTION to something?   

If so, sign up for the following services FOR FREE as they PAY you simply for using their product over the mainstream guys.

PublishOX - Reading this on the web?  Are you NOT signed up for PublishOx?  Sign using THIS LINK and use the tip bar at the bottom of my articles to pay you and me both.   If you think the article is really good or interesting, tip the maximum amount.  If not, tip yourself the maximum amount.  

Brave Browser - Faster than Chrome and Firefox, blocks ads and trackers, pays you when you click an ad or click for an ad to go away.

Presearch - Every single time you search, you get paid.  Absolutely incredible.  This brilliant company found a way to make "search" more fun and profitable.

LBRY - They will not take our sexy Women's Wrestling Videos down and you can currently earn to READ and WATCH our content.  Here are my primary channels on the platform - Female Wrestling Channel - Johnny Ringo

The income you earn from all 4 companies above can be traded on various exchanges and flipped into higher profits.  

Here are some of the Cryptocurrency Exchanges I utilize currently:
Binance - Bittrex - Coinbase - EToro

If you sign up using the provided links above vs signing up alone, you will get a benefit you would not get otherwise.   


And, my day and night job for the last 9 years:

The Female Wrestling Channel - Enjoy the idea of SPORTS + SEXY?  Get a Free Download every single Friday straight to your inbox.

** All provided links afford me some type of compensation if you choose to use or do business through any of the links above **

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