The power of choice in marketing. Multiple offers are better than one

By DarWin1 | DarWin | 28 Nov 2023

The power of choice is a powerful marketing trick. It is most evident in online business, and in almost any industry: from cryptocurrencies and affiliate marketing to commodity business.

The bottom line is that in marketing, it is important to have multiple offers for customers as it allows a company to attract different categories of customers. Offering more expensive and cheaper products can be helpful in selling products as it allows customers to choose products according to their needs and capabilities.

This strategy allows the company to attract different categories of customers. For example, customers who cannot afford expensive goods can buy a cheaper option, and customers who want to buy more expensive goods can choose a more expensive option. In this way, the company can increase its customer base and increase sales by expanding its target audience.


A classic example is the breakdown into Standard, Plus and Premium packages. The names and number of packages may differ, but the essence is always the same. In marketing, this is called price segmentation. Different categories of customers can choose a package to fit their budget. Those who are not ready to pay more get basic services, while those who are ready to pay extra get additional benefits.

Here's how it's implemented on Netflix, for example:


And here's another example from MidJourney:


In these cases, companies offer different variations of the same product with minimal differences — just to suit different budgets. However, price is by no means always the key factor in making a choice. So segmentation can be not only price-based. For example, in investment products, you can play on the balance between profitability and security.

For example, DarWin Enterprise has several investment products to choose from:


  • Global Arbitrage is an arbitrage pool with 2-3% profitability per week. You can replenish the pool by providing the arbitrage team with funds to work with — and receive a part of the profit in the form of passive income in return.
  • WinFlex allows you to invest amounts from $1000 through a savings book mechanism specially designed by the DarWin team for those who prefer minimal risk.

Thus, DarWin offers different products for different categories of customers.

Use this marketing trick to sell more.

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