Grab And Collect All The Rabbids Tokens! Get Surprised On Full-Moon!

Grab And Collect All The Rabbids Tokens! Get Surprised On Full-Moon!

By | | 22 Jun 2020


You must have seen “Rabbids” if you are a gamer especially a Ubisoft fan. The Rabbids, or Raving Rabbids, have made a lot of appearances in games.


Yes, that’s him. It’s on the Ethereum blockchain now as a series of NFTs! Check the Top 10 Hottest NFT here.


So what’s special about the Rabbids Token? Yet another NFTs that could be traded?

Yes, but no. 


Your Rabbids Could Be “Stolen” By Other Players!


There are only 55 Rabbids created, fixed amount. When you buy one from the marketplace, it is “Pre-owned” by you. But when another player buys it, you won’t receive any ETH in your wallet. Your Rabbids are stolen!

Where does the money go? It will go to the Ethereum address of UNICEF (United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund) for the use of charity. 


POPO, Proof of Plausible Ownership


Lost your Rabbids? Don’t be sad, you will get a POPO. POPO is a Proof of Plausible Ownership certificate, to prove that you used to own a Rabbid, even for a short period of time. POPO is special because it only exists with your Ethereum address and it is not tradeable. Players can create collections with them as there are five different Rabbid families.


(You may find a lot of POPO Rabbids listed on Opensea, but the smart contract is rejecting the transaction. So POPO is not tradeable) 


Collect, and Win the Secret Surprise on “Full Moon” for Charity


The price of Rabbids ranges from 0.05 ETH (~$10) to 0.15 ETH ($30). Every purchase is a donation to UNICEF. 

There is also a “Full Moon” sale event on July 5 with a secret surprise for the participants. The Rabbids’ lips are sealed - let’s find out what’s the surprise on our own!


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