Alert! Watch Out These Scam and Suspicious Dapps!

By | | 30 May 2020

⚠️ Alert! 


It’s important to monitor real-time dapp data performance on


If the dapp users, transactions and volume data experience a sudden rise/drop sharply, you must pay attention: It might be spam.

We will regularly update spam and suspicious project with sudden data changes here on this page to protect our users.

Dapps with unreasonable returns and not backed by credible teams have been categorized as High-risk

If you notice anything worth of warning, please do not hesitate to write a review on the dapp detail page to help each other avoid potential risks.




Date: May 29th, 2020

Tron Jedies:

  • Users: Dropped from 24 to 2 on May 28th.

  • Transactions: Dropped from 95 to 5 on May 28th.

  • Volume: Dropped from $178.18 to $0 on May 28th.

  • Telegram group no admin for over a month.



Millionaire Vine:

  • Users: Dropped from 23 to 1 on May 28th.

  • Transactions: Dropped from 28 to 1 on May 28th.

  • Volume: Dropped from $882.04 to $122.22 on May 28th.

  • Telegram group no admin for over a month and full of spam messages.




Date: May 9th, 2020

MICH token miner:

  • Users: Dropped from 19 to 3 on May 8th.

  • Transactions: Dropped from 137.41K to 23.21K on May 8th.

  • Volume: Dropped from $38.64 to $6.36 on May 8th.

  • The website cannot open.

  • Telegram group no update since Jan 9th.


Date: April 17th, 2020


  • Users: Dropped from 68 to 0 on April 23rd.

  • Transactions: Dropped from 220 to 0 on April 23rd.

  • Volume: Dropped from $3.75K to $0 on April 23rd.

  • Telegram group cannot be found.




Date: April 17th, 2020


  • Users: Dropped from 20 to 0 on April 16th.

  • Transactions: Dropped from 27 to 0 on April 16th.

  • Volume: Kept $0 for more than a month.

  • Telegram group cannot be found.




  • Users: Dropped from 13 to 0 on April 16th.

  • Transactions: Dropped from 125 to 0 on April 16th.

  • Volume: Dropped from $72.10 to $0 on April 11th.

  • Lack of admin in Telegram group.




Date: April 10th, 2020


  • Users: Dropped from 219 to 0 on April 3rd.

  • Transactions: Dropped from 305 to 0 on April 3rd.

  • Volume: Dropped from $22.83K to $0 on April 3rd.



Date: April 3rd, 2020

Millionaire Club

  • Users: Dropped from 288 to 3 on April 2nd.

  • Transactions: Dropped from 383 to 6 on April 2nd.

  • Volume: Dropped from $2.32K to $42.62 on April 2nd.



Date: March 29th, 2020


  • Admin left & user complaints about losing token.

  • Users: Dropped from 14 to 0 on April 1st.

  • Transactions: Dropped from 45 to 0 on April 1st.

  • Volume: Dropped from $10.09 to $0 on March 25th.


Smartex Fund

  • Users: Dropped from 368->-36->17->8->1->0 since March 23rd

  • Transactions: Dropped from 1.6K->88->47->22->2->0 since March 23rd

  • Volume: Decreased from $7.39K->$1.04K->$0 since March 23th


Tiger Cash 

  • Users: Dropped from 176->32->7->9->0 since March 26th

  • Transactions: Dropped from 386->55->10->20->0 since March 26th

  • Volume: Dropped from $19.60K->$987.54->$129.35->$533.25->$0 since March 26th





Date: March 23rd, 2020

Mining Expert 

  • Users: Dropped from87->40->20->2->2->0 since March 11th

  • Transactions: Dropped from 144->93->20->2->0 since March 11th

  • Volume: Dropped from $4.91K->$404.58K->$0 since March 11th

  • Score turned 0

  • Users reported through reviews


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