😎 2 New DeFi on Fuse Network & BSC with High Returns. What are they❓

By | | 29 Jul 2021



Ola Finance - Lending Platform on Fuse


Ola Finance is a platform on Fuse Network that lets you create a Compound/Aave-like instance that includes whichever tokens you likes. 


Currently, you can use the Fuse LeN, where you can supply/borrow $WBTC, $WETH, $USDC and $FUSE tokens.


What’s the advantage of using Ola Finance? The high APY! We can compare its APY with the top Ethereum lending protocol Aave.




  • $ETH / $WETH

If you supply $ETH in Aave Protocol, the APY is 0.02%, plus 0.57% $AAVE rewards. If you transfer your $ETH to Fuse as $WETH and supply it in Ola Finance, the APY is 0.87%, 43.5 times compared to Aave, plus 7.1% $FUSE rewards.

  • $WBTC

In Aave, the APY for $WBTC is 0.05%, while the $WBTC APY in Ola Finance is 0.7%, 14 times Aave’s.


So with the same amount of crypto assets, you can get better returns from Ola Finance.


Then how’s its on-chain performance? Is Ola Finance under good conditions?


Launched for 73 days, this lending network still has a long way to go, as the user, volume and transaction numbers are much smaller than the top ones. The 30d volume -34.19%, and the 30d transactions -22.64%. 


You can track its on-chain data and see if Ola Finance will attract more DeFi users with its high APY.


Moonpot - Win-Win Lottery on BSC


Moonpot is a lottery pool on Binance Smart Chain powered by DeFi yield optimizer Beefy Finance

It works similarly to PoolTogether, an Ethereum protocol for no-loss money games. By depositing crypto into a “pot”, you’ll automatically gain interest and enter into a weekly prize draw. Your deposit is your ticket for the lottery. So there’s a chance to win big-money prizes paid out in crypto from the pot you enter. 


The current main pot is a $CAKE pot. At the time of writing, $9.97M worth of $CAKE is locked in this pot. You can deposit your $CAKE tokens in it with a 101.54% APY, meanwhile having a chance to become 1 of the final 5 lucky draw winners. The prize draw values $47,129. Each winner will receive 255.055 $CAKE and 5000 $DODO tokens. 


Moonpot’s prize is slightly more than the pool with the highest weekly prize in PoolTogether.


Currently, the pool with the highest weekly prize is the USDC pool in PoolTogether with $45,366 prizes split evenly among 5 winners.


Just live for 9 days so far, Moonpot’s on-chain data have shown an upward trend. If you’d like to participate in this win-win lottery pool, you can monitor Moonpot’s users and volume to check its performance.



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