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2 New Dapps for You to Mine 3547.56% APR 💰 & Play with NFT Cards to Earn 🏵!

By | | 1 Jul 2021

45918cd202364a2881434d2faa376e8a.jpeg - A Single-asset Mining Aggregator

90d0e31b341f461eae1e2c2f875f1f76.png is a single-asset mining aggregator without impermanent loss. The platform features a set of easy-to-use DeFi tools, whose growth on both sum and rate of total value locked stands out from the harshly competitive market.

b24f6e38214b405a9099e084afb3a07f.png’s single asset mining pools currently support WBTC, WETH, WMATIC, QUICK, USDT, USDC and DAI on Polygon Network, offering up to 3547.56% APR.

The platform charges no fee at user crypto-asset deposit or withdrawal, and users are able to withdraw, deposit and return any time. 


Since the protocol’s Polygon branch went live in June, the users, volume and transactions all have witnessed dramatic increases.


As the data dashboard shows,’s volume has just broken ATH on 29th Jun over $598M.




X World Games - A Decentralized Gaming Ecosystem


X World Games is a decentralized gaming ecosystem built on the Binance Smart Chain.


The first game launched on the platform is Dream Card, inspired by Pokemon TCG. Dream cards are digital, collectible characters. You can trade them and cultivate new characters with exciting features, different degrees of cuteness, powerful combat attributes and trading values. You can also create your own fantastic card sets to battle A.I. or other players.

Players and creators can obtain the XWG (X World Games) Tokens, the native token of the X World Games ecosystem, based on Binance Smart Chain's BEP-20 standard. It’s accepted as the payment currency in X World Games Marketplace, where players can buy and sell their in-game NFT assets. 


On 19th May, the X World Games team announced the launch of our first Airdrop program with 25,000 Dream Cards. Each participant will get 1 common card per wallet address on a first-come, first-served basis. The Whitelist Registration duration was from 20th to 29th May, and the cards were airdropped on 30th May. This airdrop boosted the game’s on-chain performance.


You can notice on the X World Games data dashboard that the users, volume and transactions all started to go up sharply after 20th May. The users and transactions both hit ATH on 30th May, when the airdrop was released.




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