Sharing Becomes Mining (A New Way Of Making Money On Social Media)

The world of social media has received changes with hundreds of millions of people spending a lot of time sharing, communicating, creating, and connecting with people on social media, this shows that we are in the age of a big pool of data sharing.

As social media become one of the unique sources of big data, monetizing users' activities become easier and we have a lot of ways people can monetize their activities provided, they connect with the right people and operate on a platform that appreciates their time and the content they share.

A couple of days ago, I was looking at the difference between Web2 and Web3 in relation to job opportunities, it's clear that with the birth of Web2, we all became creators when we look from a content perspective, instead of just consuming content in this digital space. In fact, we begin to enjoy the share or distribution of our content on various networks, on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and the likes of Facebook, and YouTube just to mention a few, but monetizing it becomes difficult until we have some Web3 platforms that allow every user become contributors in token distribution through engagement/impression on creator's content.

How Does Sharing Become Mining?

Case Study 1 (Publish0x)

The majority of us reading this article have an account on Facebook and before now, we write content and receive friends' likes, comments, and shares on our content and nothing more. Yes, the content is beneficial to people reading it, and the platform where the content is shared automatically owns the data despite the fact that is your content. they make money through your data but send nothing back to you. Why then continue spending your precious time on such a platform, when a platform is available where you can share your content and earn through the upvotes (likes) generated on your content? This is what Publish0x provides and not only Publish0x, there are still more of this platform that monetize your activities online.

Case Study 2 (DAOLABS)

Information is power but needs to be activated to produce a result. In 2021, I came across Avalanche Hub where I only connect my Twitter account to and promote every avalanche-related content on Twitter and earn an AVAX token as a reward but until May 2022, I did not know the project that brought in the idea. DAOLABS released a Social Mining idea to provide consulting services for Tokenized Businesses, helping blockchain startups build efficient strategies and lasting infrastructures in marketing, business development, and token architecture. The idea negates the activities of Venture Capital as they allow equal opportunity and distribution of wealth through a fair reward system to all genuine contributors. DAOLABS allows content creators to earn projects token like AVAX, MATIC, KAVA, WAXP, and $BUSD as the case may be. This is a new way of generating money on social media.

Through the Twitter program, an automated social media marketing tool that allows eligible Social Mining users to earn by promoting the project via their Twitter accounts, content created on Publish0x can be shared on Twitter and mine rewards provided the project shared is among the Twitter program connected with DAOLABS and also the creator follows the rules highlighted in the Twitter Program.

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Case Study 3 (WeNaNo)

This is another way people have been earning. NANO is a non-profit organization focusing on zero-fee transactions, eco-friendly and instant payment. To aid the adoption of the ecosystem, WeNANO is one of the Apps that was released for people to earn NANO coins ($XNO) in their geographical location. All they need to do is to download the App and claim on a daily basis.

You can find out more here

In conclusion, as Web3 brought in a decentralized experience where everyone can claim more ownership over content, assets, and data without the involvement of third-party companies, get yourself in by maximizing the opportunities within the space. 

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DAOLabs: The Evolution Of Social Media
DAOLabs: The Evolution Of Social Media

The use of social media to communicate with people around the world cannot be overemphasized. However, a lot of people spent time on social media without getting any monetary value for the time spent. The evolution of social media DAOLabs brought to existing Web2 platform users is one of the ways many social media users are leveraging upon this day. Let's find out!

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