PVT Builds To Fall

PVT Builds To Fall

By Daniella Blog | Daniella cryptonews | 31 Jul 2019


Looking at the current price of PVT, it seems like the worst is about to happen as the coin now has *"steps on how to go lower by the day"*.
At first, this coin was getting better when it grew up to almost $0.005.
Then, people were interested in buying and selling the new coin which they believed that there would be a better season if the coin continues to grow.
Today marks another day for its lowest low. The coin is currently below $0.0017 as am posting this.
What was the real agenda of the developers?
Why am asking this question is because, as at December last year, they were showcasing the coin as if it's gonna be better than soo many coins in the market and as a coin on its own, only to get themselves under the shadows of binance and huobi and still not appealing.
What goes around comes back around.
Now they are throwing promos and calling on people like you and I to invest.
What a wonderful world.
For this, I advise anyone who wish to invest in any upcoming coin to study and do proper analysis on it before setting a finger on it.
Many people have loss soo much money on what they can't give record of how it happened, only because they didn't research well before making their decisions.
Remember, not all investments brings profit. Some will burn and die like the little candle light.
Be guided.


image source: pivot.one

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