Possible Votes Weight On Publish0x

It's been a wonderful time here on publish0x.
I joined this platform early last month and I have been able to get some DAI, bounty and hydro.
Let's get started.
Voting on publish0x is limited to 7 times at most and the details are as follows.
Note: The voting weight is on the basis of analysis
1. To author 0.0089 DAI 20%
You've received 0.0355 DAI 80%
2. To author 0.0044 DAI 20%
You've received 0.0177 DAI 80%
3. To author 0.6853 HYDRO 20%
You've received 2.7412 HYDRO
0.0089 80%
4. To author 0.0022 DAI 20%
You've received 0.0089 DAI 80%
5. To author 0.0022 DAI 20%
You've received 0.0089 DAI 80%
6. To author 0.7818 HYDRO 20%
You've received 3.1272 HYDRO 80%
7. To author 0.7734 HYDRO 20%
You've received 3.0935 HYDRO 80%
So, with this you can estimate how much you'll be getting from voting on daily basis here on publish0x.
Enjoy your time here on publish0x.

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