Phemex: 100% new giveaway on block
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Phemex: 100% new giveaway on block

By Danoskie | Daniella cryptonews | 5 Mar 2020


Have you heard of Phemex?
Phemex is a crypto currency trading and exchange platform where users put what they have in order to earn what they don't have. Winks.
I've been trading on this platform for some time and it has not failed me yet.
They started trading not too long and they want to expand the number of registered users by giving out some good amount of US dollars for doing some cool tasks like;

Register and earn for registration
Yeah, once you register, you're entitled to earn $2 instantly.
This doesn't take any time as they are hungry for newbies.
You choose how the dollars will be deposited into your Phemex account i.e either as Bitcoin or as USD.
You can decide to transfer the small money into your other account or continue to trade with it (even though it's small).
Click here to register.

Perform some social tasks
This is where the big giveaway is.
$10 to be deposited into your wallet if your form is approved for doing simple tasks.
You're asked to follow their Twitter account, retweet their pinned message and share the link of the pinned message when filling the form.
Click here  to register.

Invite a friend
This is another free flowing income spot.
You choose the kind of package your referrals could be.
Though this has little demand but profitable, you referrals have to invest in BTC before you can be able to earn some useful tokens.
Yeah, choose the average deposit that they will be able to deposit and share the link to them.
Below is mine and it is for both this heading and normal registration. Click here  to register.

After your form has been submitted, feel free to join their telegram group in case you have any question.
Also feel free to ask me any question on this post.
Join now before they change their minds.
The earlier the better.
See you later

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