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By Daniella Blog | Daniella cryptonews | 26 Jul 2019

Good evening!
Thank God it's Friday.
Have you been circulating your time in a clockwise direction within a platform or two that pays?
This is another opportunity for you to expand your earnings with one of the world's most popular and useful platform that rewards its user(s) for being there at when needed.
I bring to you pivot app.
This app is really good in terms of cryptonews and more.
I rate this app 95% efficient when it comes to providing me with cryptonews and rewards at the same time.
PIVOT is a community for cryptocurrency investors. You may not really need to be an investor before you start earning high and higher.
On this platform, your have daily activities that will reward you for participating.
They include;
1. Reading news and getting rewarded.
2. Inviting your friends and followers and getting rewarded.
3. Predicting events and getting rewarded

Click on the link below to go straight to start.
NB: The platform makes use of a mobile phone application. The link pasted above will take you to your app store so that you'll download it. Android and iOS versions are available.
Do the normal registration and go straight to the daily activities so as to earn for today.
Remember to use the link so that both of us can earn.
The official website for pivot is pivot.one and the official coin used is PVT.
PVT has been listed in many exchange sites which includes;
And so on.
See you soon on this platform.

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