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Cryptos Bulls Vs Bears Today 16/01/2020

By Daniella Blog | Daniella cryptonews | 16 Jan 2020


Hello peeps,
How are you doing today?
It's another day on Cryptos Bulls Vs Bears
The market has gone down with about -0.5%, causing great changes in some cryptos in the market.
Although the bears have taken over, some cryptos are still gaining.
Does it mean that cryptos are making gains from others losses?
For the Gainers Vs Losers game, below is the analysis for both areas in 24 hours ( from my yesterday's post).

351665157-2c0a81183da1bec9fd7e40215376075e34fff79a67240678d58e05a3b9a9278d.pngImage credit: Coinbase

For the gainers, Augur is topping the list with about 64.9% and it's followed by Decred with about 16.9%, Dash with about 8.7%, Ethereum Classic with about 7.7 and lastly, Ox with about 3.7%.
Do you have any of these cryptos?
Hit the market while it lasts.

351665157-ed231b69b0c3fcd4c1fc7ca5f81fc6256a3583d15f72f1e7a0f925949f2c6a18.pngImage credit: Coinbase

For the losers, Bitcoin Gold is down with about -12.5% from its previous price and it's followed by Seele again with about -5.0%, OKB with about -4.8%, Ravencoin with about -4.3% and lastly, Dogecoin with about -4.0%.
What are you waiting for.
Be the investor of the day by putting some cash into any of these cryptos and wait for the right time.
Dai is not an option.

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