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13/1//2020 Price Update: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litcoin, OX(ZRX), STEEM, Steem Base Dollars (SBD), Basic Attention Token, Bitshare, DAI, XRP, EOS, Binance coin, Huobi token, Maker

By Danoskie | Daniella cryptonews | 6 days ago

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How is you day going?
It's another edition of DAILY CRYPTOS PRICE UPDATE.
Today: 13/1/2020
Ooh no!
The bullish period is over as the market goes bearish again with about 0.66% down, causing more harm than good to cryptos on my list today.
NB: The prices of these cryptos are based on the time I posted this post. Only one of them is a stable coin which is DAI.
Sources: Binance, Coinbase and Huobi
1. Bitcoin
2. Bitcoin Cash
3. Ethereum
4. Ethereum Classic
5. Litcoin
6. Ox(ZRX)
8. STEEM Based Dollars (SBD)
9. Basic Attention Token
10. Bitshares
11. DAI
12. XRP
13. EOS
14. Binance coin (BNB)
15. Huobi Token (HT)
16. Maker (MKR)

To get the price in your country's currency, just multiply it with the current exchange rate (if you're using currency other than USD).
That's all for now.

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