When is ETH Gas price cheaper?

By DaniBom | danibom | 23 Aug 2020

In the last few weeks sending transactions on the Ethereum blockchain became very expensive.

I remember months ago sending tokens with 1/2 gwei fees, now we're over 100 most of the times (and that's amount around 10$), with peaks over 250 gwei for a fast transaction (and 30$ fee)

If you want to buy something on uniswap or send a token to sell from you wallet to an exchange you have to use the fast fee in the moment, but sometimes you're not in a hurry to move, so it's better to find the time of the day when the gas is cheaper.

I've monitored EthGasStationΒ  in the last few weeks and saw that usually gas prices are cheaper on weekends, while on weekdays they are lower from 6 to 8 PM UTC (middle of the night in ASIA). After 8 UTC i've noticed the prices start to increase again and stay high for the following 20/22 hours before dropping again in this timeframe.

Anyone noticed the same pattern? I hope this helps!

This is the situation right now, on a Sunday morning in Europe.


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