Stakenet Facts and Giveaway!

Stakenet Facts and Giveaway!

By DaniBom | danibom | 11 Feb 2020

Stakenet ($XSN) will be commencing active efforts to promote facts about Stakenet to the public. As the launch of the Stakenet Wallet is near (a unique Lightning Network non-custodial multi-currency light wallet), and the first Stakenet decentralized application integrated on it (XSN DEX) the marketing team will be committed to educating the public on the underlying technology, features, and understanding of broader blockchain concepts. 



The monthly promo prize will be increased to 5000 XSN. To be in with a chance just interact with any posts throughout the month to be entered. 

Also, note a development update will be released in the coming days so stay tuned for that announcement.

How to enter the 5000 XSN giveaway:

To enter the giveaway and be in with a chance of winning you just have to interact with Stakenet's various social channels throughout the month, each interaction is an entry to the prize draw at the end of the month.

Twitter —

To enter on Twitter just follow and CommentLike and Retweet the posts throughout the month. Each interaction you complete is an entry into the prize draw.

FaceBook —

To enter on FaceBook just follow the official page and CommentLike and Share the posts throughout the month. Each interaction you complete is an entry into the prize draw.

Medium —

To enter on Medium just follow the page and add Claps on articles. Each Clap is an interaction and you can clap up to 50 times per article.

How the winner is picked:

At the end of the month the winner is randomly select from one of the social channels, so either TwitterFacebook or Medium

If you want to maximise your chances of winning make sure you complete every type of interaction possible during the month across all three social platforms.


In the meantime, the Stakenet ($XSN) blockchain reached 1 million blocks without any disruption or downtime. The POS/Masternode coin was launched in march of 2018 and it's currently traded on Livecoin and Coinall. Soon, the Lightning DEX will allow to trade $XSN for $BTC, $LTC and any lightning compatible coin.

Also Ethereum and Eth tokens (including Tether) will be available for trading on the Dex with the Raiden integration





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