How to claim 220 $MIR tokens (worth 250 USD) for free! Easy!

By DaniBom | danibom | 8 Dec 2020

Yesterday I came across a telegram post in a crypto group I'm in, talking about Mirror Protocol, a new protocol based on the Terra blockchain that launched a few days ago.

At genesis, 18.3 million tokens were allocated to $LUNA holders (on Terra) and to $UNI holders (on Ethereum).

So if you held a minimum of 100 $UNI tokens in your private wallet on November 23 (when the snapshot was taken), you are eligible to claim 220 $MIR tokens (the Wrapped version on Ethereum) for free, that are worth right now around 250 USD.

You can hold them, farm with them with very high APY or sell them on Uniswap (there is over 1.5 M USD in liquidity).

So, to claim just go to , connect your metamask wallet (top right) where you had Uniswap $UNI tokens at the time of the snapshot.

Once connected, you'll see a "claim" button on the top right corner of the website, just click it, confirm the transaction on metamask (you'll need a small amount of ETH to pay the tx fee) and you'll receive 220 wrapped MIR tokens in your wallet.

After that is up to you, you can trade them on Uniswap or add liquidity to the MIR-UST pair and farm it on the website for a 786% APR. It's also possible to buy stocks peg (like Tesla, Amazon, Twitter, Netflix) and farm them on the website for great returns too! 



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