Mexico a paradise for cryptocurrencies.

By dango14 | dango | 28 Dec 2020

Cryptocurrencies. Image from pixabay

Although at the moment in Venezuela and Colombia about 25% of the total of Bitcoin are traded in the world market, placing Venezuela in second place behind Russia and both countries as joint leaders in the Bitcoin world, Mexico stands out as the Latin country that in a short time will have the greatest potential to accept and negotiate with Bitcoin as well as a wide basket of cryptocurrencies.

It has been observed, how Mexico in recent times has increased the number of platform developments that work or accept cryptocurrencies and the population is adopting them more frequently every day.

The economy of Mexico, its peculiar characteristics and the political part, as in Venezuela, Colombia or Argentina, manage to generate the necessary incentive for the population to use them in search of liquidity, stability and protection of their savings and there precisely the exchange of Cryptocurrencies energize the economy as an effective alternative.

Even the banking system of Mexico seems to welcome the fact of validating operations that are carried out based on cryptocurrencies, thus giving a treatment similar to traditional finance.

What is missing for regulation?

The approval that has been given to cryptocurrencies, millionaires such as Elon Musk co-founder of Paypal, Bill Gates himself or the incorporation of the Visa Bitcoin Card to the financial instruments of that important company predict that cryptocurrencies will follow the guidelines of traditional finance and what remains is to regulate the mechanisms to validate the important daily trading volumes that are increasing both in number and in amounts traded.

From a little further north
Mexico, the southernmost country in North America, has a population of almost 170 million inhabitants and currently in its northern neighbor, the United States live 35 million Mexicans without counting those who day by day come and go through of the extensive border that joins or separates.

This immense population of Mexican migrants living in the United States, which exceeds the number of inhabitants of half of the countries of South America, send remittances to their relatives in their country, so it can be estimated that approximately 40% of Mexicans Residents within its borders directly benefit from the sending of remittances, which makes Mexico a paradise for the development of platforms based on blockchain technology and service platforms for the exchange of cryptocurrencies.

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