The Unstoppable & Unflappable Development of Vigor Protocol on EOS

The Unstoppable & Unflappable Development of Vigor Protocol on EOS

By Dan Emmailoveyou | DAN Emmailoveyou | 23 Sep 2021



Vigor Protocol, a borrow and lend self balancing DeFi project built on EOS by a DAC (Decentralized Autonomous Community), continuously adjusts for its system solvency based on its user interactions and the supply and demand for the Tokens supported in the Protocol such as EOS, USDT, IQ, pBTC, and it’s own VIG and VIGOR tokens.




After a multi year development journey, in September 2020, the Vigor DAC lifted its gates to the whole of the EOS user Community. Vigor has proudly reached its one year anniversary and its successful operations have demonstrated its effectiveness and the art of mastering algorithmic solvency.





The Vigor DAC is the heart of the project. Vigor was built through an independent worldwide collaboration reaching across the globe bringing together some of the most talented and hardworking developers and finance professionals.

Without an ICO and any VC funding, Vigor DAC grew through this sense of community contribution into one of the largest non-profit organizations building on EOSIO networks. After a few years with a succession of people in and out of the role of Custodian, the DAC has advanced towards its new stage seeking to become a DAC of DACs, where independent entities will be able to play the role of Custodian organizing themselves by similarity of language, ideology, skills sets and sense of purpose. Each of them forming teams talented, self motivated and all vested into the long term successes of EOS. There is something futuristic and epic in this evolution, a great path forward and future for Vigor Protocol.




Currently Vigor Protocol accepts these tokens: VIG, EOS, USDT, pBTC, IQ and VIGOR. In order to cater to the growing demand for decentralised finance (DeFi) tokens, Vigor Protocol is preparing to whitelist three new tokens: pETH, CHEX and DAPP to connect to an even larger network and markets.

  • pETH

pTokens ETH (pETH) is a 1:1 pegged tokenized representation of Ethereum on the EOS blockchain. The pNetwork enables cross-chain composability via a transparent, frictionless and secure system linked to a variety of blockchain networks.

  • CHEX

Chintai is a fully functional decentralized resource exchange that has proved the viability of leasing digital resources. The early successes of Chintai have resulted in enhanced end user experience, lower cost barriers for developers, and novel reward opportunities. The native utility token CHEX is the key ingredient to extend these benefits across multiple asset types.

  • DAPP

The DAPP Token is the access token to the DAPP Network’s services such as vRAM. The DAPP Network is built to support numerous use cases that continue to simplify the ability of both developers and users to interact with decentralized technologies.

Right after whitelisting, these tokens will be ready to be lent to earn rewards, be borrowed, and used as a collateral for the VIGOR token itself.





In addition to supporting legacy wallets such as Scatter and TokenPocket as well the newer additions such as Anchor and Wombat. VIGOR Protocol is now available to an even wider user base through Metamask.

Many thanks to the fine work of EOS Argentina. Vigor can now be used via Metamask, the most famous browser extension crypto wallet in the world. The integration is extremely easy to use, and will help new users to EOS and Vigor take their first steps into the ecosystem.





Do you think you missed the opportunity to participate in something great? Do you think you didn’t have time to contribute to the Vigor DeFi story? Thanks to the vision for the future of Vigor Protocol there is an opportunity to contribute and help move it from its genesis stage into its fuller operational status focusing on additional UI development for ever improving ease of operations for Vigor Users. Vigor Protocol is currently interviewing for a part time UI Dev to assist in a website reorganization. Do not miss this opportunity





B1 is not the only entity paying carefully attention to the evolving regulatory landscapes. Vigor DAC is as well. Long term finance projects all must navigate an increasingly complex regulatory landscape, the FATF recommendations set out a comprehensive and consistent framework of measures.

Vigor Protocol and the DAC leadership is in conversations to ensure it continues working within proper regulatory guidelines. Compliance always has been and continues to be a Vigor priority.




Since Vigor Protocol and Vigor DAC are non-profit, the possible role of the EOS Foundation in assisting the project is very exciting. The DAC is looking forward to submitting plans for their review in pursuit of funding grants to help support ongoing development.





VIGOR has been recently listed on eCurve. Ecurve is a fully autonomous market-maker for popular coins with very minimal price slippage, as well as an efficient fiat savings account for liquidity providers, LPs earn rewards from swap fees and eCRV tokens.

Now you can borrow VIGOR from and exchange it for USDT/DAI/USDC using Ecurve Exchange or you can click on “More pools” and choose “VIGORPool” to earn fees and eCRV tokens.

VIGOR to eCurve increases VIGOR’s liquidity & use cases, it is great to see the synergies developing between projects on EOS.






DeFi Llama is now tracking the Vigor Protocol. DefiLlama is a multi-chain TVL stats dashboard, where data connectors are contributed and maintained by a community. DefiLlama is committed to accurate data tracking and transparency.

The work of connecting the Vigor Protocol to Llama has been completed.

Total Value Locked is now shown on as well.

Step by Step Vigor is growing and emerging from its humble beginnings, ready to address its expanding audience with new features and opportunities.

Vigor is DeFi Redefined. Watch this space for more updates and announcements …





Vigor DAC

Vigor App

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Dan Emmailoveyou
Dan Emmailoveyou

Hello, I’m from Italy cryptos & blockchain support, love #EOSIO

DAN Emmailoveyou
DAN Emmailoveyou

Hello, I’m from Italy cryptos & blockchain support. I will help blockchain community develop, progress and succeed. “Dont be a dick, be a dude”

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