The Backstabbers, Is Saving The Friendship Worth The Effort?

By Jane1289 | UpToTrends | 6 Mar 2021


Have you ever experienced being backstabbed by someone you thought is your friend or by those you considered as a family?

When you are around, backstabbers will say good things about you, will give you a helpful attitude, treat you as a real friend, or even let you feel like you are as close as a family to them, and promises you of trustworthiness. But when you turn around, they will gonna stab your back and will tell others how a hopeless waste of space you are.


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At work, backstabbing is a way to make you look bad and the backstabber appear better. Those people are actually coward and want to gain an upper hand and garner more power. They like making up stories or exaggerate minor mistakes to stir up conflict and drama. They want to pull you down so they can replace your position. Because they are insecure and envious. But many don't know that those kinds of people are actually vulnerable and angry with themselves and the world, so they want to see other people going at each other's throats or seeing other people falling.

A backstabbing friend will tell lies about you to take the upper hands and to destroy you. What is more hurting is when you showed them kindness and considered them as friends, but when you're not around, they will indulge in poisonous gossip about you. Discovering the dark side of a friend will make you think if saving your friendship will worth the effort.


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Backstabbing has become part of our lives already because this act happens to almost everyone at some point in life. However, the betrayal of a trusted friend or even colleagues only inflicts pain and will cause an untreatable wound of stab at your back.

Do you have friends who are full of flattery only to win your trust and disguise their unsavory motives?

Do you have friends or colleagues who always deny their role in spreading bad rumors about you?

Do you know someone great at making at you but will act like a guilty party when you confronted her/him?

Then you have backstabbers in your life.


This can also happen in the virtual world. You feel comfortable and thought you are part of the circle of virtual friends, but on the other side of the group, they are actually gossiping about you. And some will misunderstand your actions and they will pretend that they are on the same boat as you, that they are in favor of you, that they look after your best interests. But on the other side, they are deeply jealous, envious, and pathological, and will create a misconception about your actions.

Do you think you are not a backstabber?

Thinking negatively and telling lies about others is backstabbing.

Being unhappy and envious of other people's success is backstabbing.

Wanting to gain the upper hand or outshine others is backstabbing.

And pretending to be so good in front of others is backstabbing.

When you feel like you have been backstabbed by someone, you think of the negative thoughts you had about that person. That is because we are all connected. That is because our thought is projected out into the world and it can bounce back through other things like KARMA. It can be through the physical body of other people which will serve as a way to reflect back on your own thoughts.

People gossip and badmouth others, and the misconceptions can also ruin the integrity and reputation of other people, and even the smallest thing can make the situation worse. Do not let your friendship ruin by rumors, gossips, misconceptions, and backstabbing.

Just always remember the golden rule: "Do not do unto others what you don't want others done unto you." Always do good things so GOOD KARMA will bounce back to you.


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