Life Full Of Idioms

By Jane1289 | UpToTrends | 14 May 2021


Life is so challenging and the world is so huge. Many complicated things are hard to fathom, things that are as clear as mud. But when we were younger, we never give two hoots about them, because what we only care was to play, to eat our favorite porridge, cereals, and sweets, or drink our favorite milk or chocolate, to watch our favorite movie, and to sleep whenever we want to, messy or tidy. Sometimes, I even want to step back in time and be a kid again, no sweats just sweets.

We often think of achieving something beyond our wildest dreams. Because we thought that there is nothing wrong with dreaming, it is given for free anyway. We dreamt to be a successful person someday, to fly to the moon, to travel around the world, to become an Engineer, a Doctor, a Physician, a Celebrity, or to have a happy family. Our imaginations were so broad and wild because we thought that the sky is the limit and nothing can stop us to dream what we wanted to dream.

A blast of the past indeed gives us a sense of nostalgia and if we will walk on the places of yesterday, they have changed a lot already, some were renewed, some were abandoned and ruined, places that have seen better days. The Chick-fil-A we'd built as a dwarf house, has been flattened and constructed with a concrete house. The old treehouse we'd built has rotten into pieces, fell, and decayed on the ground. And I remember the house with a skeleton in the cupboard, my friends always drag me there to haunt for spiders. Fears shivered down the spine every time I saw that haunted house. My friends were a pain in the neck and all I wanted was to run fast and furious. It was annoying, but fun to reminisce.

At night, once the clock hits 9 O'Clock, our mother always wants us to hit the sack. But we're not done yet watching our favorite TV show. We will insist to stay out of bed and push the panic button. But the more we insist, the more she gets mad. We have no choice but to follow her because we have been told that sleeping early will make us grow taller, but duh! I grew around 5'3" only mother! But I was obedient back then, or should I say, I don't want to get a slap on the wrist once I disobey her.

In college, have you ever experienced studying by heart, and during the exam, you will even put your thinking cap on just to perfect it. But due to pressure, you will start to doubt your answers and end up writing the wrong one. Then after the exam, you will check the answers and will find out that you're wrong, you will keep on screwing your wrong answers and will keep on talking about it. But there is no use in crying over spilled milk, just let bygones be bygones, but in my case, it will last for a few days. And what's more annoying is when your copycat classmate even passed with flying colors, someone who doesn't deserve an A for effort.

And one day Mr. Crush passed by and butterflies in my stomach go wild. My nerd classmate smirked as she couldn't relate to my feeling. But hey! Even my cold fish classmate fall in love as well. I rather go out with the happy camper, she always goes with the flow and cheers me out, and the chatterbox even had sensed as she finds it funny seeing someone flattering in front of her crush. But the real love came and my world only revolved around him. But it didn't last forever and my heart sinks when he left me without notice. I cried my eyes out when we broke up. I thought I will be staying down in the dumps forever, but it was a blessing in disguise as I met my real friends after that painful heartbreak.

Taking a trip down memory lane during the good old days is comforting and allows us to step back in time for a moment. But not all are happy memories because there were times that we didn't do the right thing and let the ship sail. Just like when we turn down the job because we thought that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. But unexpected things happen when we least expect them and we just wish to turn back the hands of time and make everything right.

We grew up and everything has changed. Others had bear fruit but some had one's chips. If you had one's chips, the world is still revolving and the sun is still rising. It’s not over till the fat lady sings and just like the song,"there's a rainbow always after the rain." It may be stormy today, but it won't rain forever. We can always start with a clean slate, it's never too late.

And just like you, I also had failures in life, even almost had chips. Because not all things we wanted are meant for us. Even if we go to great lengths, if things are not meant for us, it will never happen. But we shouldn't give up, and let's always be ready to go the extra mile and take down all obstacles in our way. Many are also trying to move heaven and earth, but compromising their own health and happiness. Let's chill out and not bite off more than we can chew, why not take one step at a time?

Life is a heavy burden to carry alone, but we can make it lighter. Don't hesitate to reach a helping hand especially if you are riding on a drowning ship. And if something seems impossible to handle, just hold out your hope, because we don't know, there might be a surprising twist of fate. Just keep the ball rolling and don't stop chasing your dreams in life.




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