Easy and Short Beef Kebab Making Recipe

By happygirl | Daily Recipe Blog | 30 Sep 2019

"Kebab" is a well known food. It can be made with beef or mutton. Those who like to eat meat must love beef. Now I am going to share a tasty recipe of spicy barbecue (kebab). If you follow it, you can easily make it in your house.


At first let see a short info about the recipe:


  • Preparation Time: 40min
  • Cook Time: 20min
  • Ready Time: 1h
  • Yield: 1 dish
  • Servings: 6 to 8 persons.
  • Cuisine: Indian

Now let's get started


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Ingredients list:

* Meat without Bone: 550 gram.

* Sliced onion: 1 cup

* Garlic paste: 1 teaspoon

* Ginger paste: 1 tablespoon

* Gram flour : 1 Cup

* Egg: 1

* Cumin powder: 1 Teaspoon

* Coriander powder: 1 Teaspoon.

* Turmeric powder: Little bit

* Salt: 2 teaspoons

* Red pepper powder: 1 teaspoon

* Round pepper or black pepper powder: 1 teaspoon

* Nutmeg and cinnamon paste: Little bit.

* Kebab powder: 1 teaspoon

* Green chili slices: 6 pcs

* Coriander leaf: As suitable

* 2 tablespoon of oil for mix the barbecue

* Oil for frying: According to quantity

Steps of the recipe:

Step 1
Mix all the ingredients of the barbecue(kebab) together and marinate for 30 minutes.


Step 2

Give the kebab a shape like a small balls.


Step 3
Then heat the oil and fry the kebab like image.


Step 4
Serve with a nice fried color.

Thanks for being with me.

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