The way to success in life and the idea of personal thinking

By Nightmare | Daily LifeStyle Blog | 13 Sep 2019

You often think, You don't have the intelligence in your head, others are better than you.
When thinking about doing another job, think you are not fit.
Many people start thinking of themselves as unsuccessful people when they see the success of others.

Some try to make their appearance or outfit look like Hollywood-Bollywood heroes!
In this way, we do not realize that we are making ourselves small, without our knowledge.

Just think, can you find someone else exactly like yourself !!
Have you ever noticed that the Creator has skillfully created you?
Have you ever thought, the Creator could not have created you - yet He created you. but why?
Because if you did not create, there would be an imperfection in the world.
You were created to be different from everyone else - but why?
Because you are a person who is different from everyone else.
So bring your respect to yourself. Don't compare your power with anyone else's significance.
Unlike everyone else - you are a special personality at the base of the world. Do not humiliate the Creator by making yourself small.
The Creator made you as He pleases you.

So don't ever say, the Creator has not given you that much wisdom. Rather, always say, 'God created me as a perfect human being. The wisdom that you have given to me is different from all others. Because I can think of things differently. '

Believe it or not, if you can truly nurture these thoughts in your heart, then after a while you will notice that something inside you has changed. The change that will bring you the true success of human life.


Thanks for being with me. Stay tuned.

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