Motivative Post To Set Mind In Any Task

Motivative Post To Set Mind In Any Task

By Nightmare | Daily LifeStyle Blog | 3 Sep 2019


How to set your mind on any task, and how to be successful in any task?
Read the full post, your 2 minuets may be change your Life.

Good day to all.
Hope all of you well today by the grace of God.
The only problem we have and the problem is , when we start doing something, then we can no longer keep our mind on that task.
Because of this, success cannot touch us.
So let's read some article about this topic.

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The first writing is specially for the students. Listen, when you sit down to read, after half an hour, you do not want to do so.
You wish to turn around a little or walk with friends ??
You will surely answer yes.
What do I do now?

Well wait, brother.
Answer me one thing, what is the task done by you that finished very quickly ?

Maybe, chatting in Messenger feels so good,
When you start messenger by turning on the phone data at 8 o'clock at night, you do not realize when the clock reached at 1.30 am.
Or when you spend 300 minutes on the phone, start talking to your girlfriend on the phone;
Then, when the phone cut after 300 minutes, you may not even notice it yourself,
Am I right?

Think about 2 examples I've given about messenger and girlfriend, do you remember ???

  • When you can do something with joy,
    Then you can really set your mind on whatever you do.
    And let me clear the matter. when you sit down to read, you do not want to read again after a while, but it is not uncommon.
    Likewise, when you ride a bicycle, after half an hour of running, you do not want to continue.

This is the main point.

So if you do it happily, you will find that you have made up your mind.
And if you can't make up your mind, talk to your beloved person for five minutes at the mid time of work or reading ,
If you do not have a girlfriend, listen to a little music and focus on your work or reading again.

See, you have completed the work or reading successfully.
Finally, ask yourself a question; What did I do all day ??? How much of my life did I move forward to establishment???
Ask yourself and answer yourself.

Remember, Proper uses of time will get results in this world and in the Hereafter.

If the article is not good to you, I beg your pardon. If this post is helpful to you brother. Stay tuned and Upvote as favor.

Thanks for Stopping by.

Be good , stay with good.



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