Insomaniac Should Know About Some Enemies

By Nightmare | Daily LifeStyle Blog | 13 Sep 2019

Good day to all.
By the grace of almighty God, Hope all of you are well today.

Today I am going to share something important for all of us, specially the insomniac young generation.

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Smartphone, tablet for just one hour at night and the touch of screen light on PC, television, etc.
all teenager's sleep can be disrupted.

According to a new study, by screen light the hormone which is responsible for sleep in the body
Emissions are affected.

According to researchers of Rhode Island's Brown University,
compared to older adolescents, the early adolescence or 9 to 15 Years old boys and girls' slip
Biology 'towards night-light is very Sensitive.

In laboratory experiments, researchers found that, the same amount of bright screen is very affected to young people sleep than older people. The hormone Melatonin production decreases significantly.
The more bright the light, the more Melatonin production dropped.

Senior researcher Mary Sarskadon, a professor of human behavior, said
"A little light at night, such as a screen light can cause a detrimental effect on sleep
Enough. "
Students who used tablet, computer, television, and the flashlight for even reading their 'circadian clock' or bodies 24 hours biological clock noise is tied up."Because of this, no sleep at night," And the next morning get up from sleep will be quite difficult.

Journal of Clinical Endocrinology published in the journal Metabolism report that,Β all of us should reduce the uses of screens or light when sleep."

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Stay tuned.

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